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Joe   2020-09-02 22:16
After just discovering this software I feel compelled to leave this praise. This software fills a niche need that I have been unable to find another solution for.

I like pc games, I like high frame rates, and I like displaying my current gameplay on a second monitor (Big TV, for family).

For whatever reason, for a large amount of games (usually ported games or crossplay games it seems) if you are running multi-monitor cloned, you will be locked at 60 fps even if the metrics say otherwise. This is a problem for me since I am able to run much higher frames than 60 and I have a 240hz monitor.

Ultramon's mirroring feature has somehow bypassed this restriction (albeit there is a slight frame cost, but is still vastly superior to the windows mirroring option).

I've spent years posting to forums wondering about how to fix this, most responses don't even understand the issue. Going on about vsync and such etc etc.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU.

Christian Studer   2020-09-03 10:31
Glad to hear that, thanks for the feedback!

UltraMon mirroring is done in software, and doesn't require the two monitors to use the same refresh rate or resolution.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> THANK YOU

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