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Doug   2020-09-28 15:18
Hi. I have 4 displays under Windows 10 Pro x64. I installed Ultramon to check it out as I wanted software that could easily move windows between the displays. So far I love it.

However, I hit a big annoyance. My setup is one 1080p 22" LCD to the far left, a 32" 4K in the center, a 1080p 24" to the right in portrait and a 1080p 24" above the portrait one. I keep the taskbar on the center 32", as that is my primary. When I shut the monitors down then later turn them back on, the taskbar has moved to the portrait LCD to the right. I unlock taskbars and try to drag it back to primary, but it will not move. It only is fixable if I quit out of Ultramon. As soon as Ultramon is gone, I can move the taskbar back no problem.

The taskbar related settings in Ultramon are as follows:

General\Window Management\take taskbars into account etc etc (checked)
Taskbar Extensions\enable secondary (checked)
Taskbar Extensions\mode (standard)
Taskbar Extensions\remove start from secondary taskbars (checked)
Customization\disable/enable secondary taskbars (checked)

I'm going to try disabling any taskbar related stuff to see if it stops doing it, I'll let you know if it fixes it.
Doug   2020-09-28 17:30
Just to follow up; disabling those taskbar related features fixed it. Kinda bummed that I can't use the smart taskbar, but at least it isn't forcing my taskbar to the wrong monitor now.
Christian Studer   2020-09-29 13:04
Secondary taskbars are handled by Windows on Windows 8 and later, does unchecking just the 'remove Start button' option fix the issue as well?

Christian Studer -
Doug   2020-10-18 18:06
Sorry, kinda forgot about this post. That is already disabled, that's one of the first things I did after setting up multiple monitors.

It's been three weeks or so and so far, the problem has not reared its head again so I assume I'm good. Just had to disable those features in Ultramon. I can live with that ;)

Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Taskbar location problem

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