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QDeath   2020-12-07 04:33
Would like a screen saver to run on the primary monitor and leave the display on without a screensaver on the secondary monitor.
Christian Studer   2020-12-07 09:39
You could do this with the Screen Saver Player add-on.

Christian Studer -
QDeath   2020-12-07 18:16
How do you set it to run after a specified period of inactivity? How do you get it to stop after a user intervention?
Christian Studer   2020-12-08 10:00
You could do this with the ScreenSaveSelective script.

This requires some configuration, if you're not sure how to edit the script let me know, I would need to know the number of the primary monitor, the screen saver you want to use, and after how many minutes of inactivity the screen saver should get started.

Christian Studer -
QDeath   2020-12-13 06:01
"to terminate it you'll need to terminate wscript.exe using the Task Manager"

Is there a way to have it stop via mouse or keyboard movement like a traditional Screensaver?
Christian Studer   2020-12-13 15:28
The screen saver gets stopped if you move the mouse back to the primary monitor.

Terminating wscript.exe is only necessary if you want to stop the script, otherwise it will keep running in the background and will start the screen saver again if the mouse hasn't been on the primary monitor for the specified number of minutes.

Christian Studer -
QDeath   2022-03-29 16:51
How do I force "Screen Saver Player" to run in the foreground? Currently it runs behind the open running programs
Christian Studer   2022-03-30 15:02
Are you using the ScreenSaveSelective script, or do you run the screen saver player directly?

Christian Studer -
QDeath   2022-04-01 10:36
Run screen saver player directly on demand.
Christian Studer   2022-04-01 15:09
Does it run in fullscreen mode? You can enable this via the View menu.

Christian Studer -
Quick Death   2022-04-02 11:37
Yes, In Full screen mode, just BEHIND the other apps.
Christian Studer   2022-04-03 12:12
You could put the screen saver player on top of all other windows with the AlwaysOnTop script, to set this up go to UltraMon Options > Hotkeys and create a new 'Run application or script' hotkey which runs the script.

Not sure though why this would be necessary, in fullscreen mode the screen saver player should be above all other windows on the monitor it is on, even the taskbar.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> primary screen saver, secondary normal desktop

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