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Joseph   2020-12-22 13:17
I'm using my dusty old teleprompter setup for video conference calls. This setup allows me to put the conference call application screen (Zoom, GoTo, MS Teams, RingCentral, etc), which has all of the faces with whom I am chatting, on a second monitor reflected in front of the camera lens so that I can speak directly into the camera and still see everyone. The problem is, I am unable to flip the second monitor horizontally so that the information on that monitor reads correctly.

After an exhaustive web search, it would appear your app is the answer, however, what I am finding is that your app mirrors (duplicates) what is on the main monitor and put it on the second monitor instead of controlling the second monitor separately.

Ideally, for me, I would like to keep the main monitor, in my case the laptop monitor, free of the video conference apps so that I can continue to work, answer emails, etc while the video conference app is on the second monitor, as an extended desktop, which is reflected into the teleprompter all while being flipped horizontally.

Hopefully, all of that makes sense. Is this possible with your application? I've installed it in trial mode but am unable to get it to works as described above.

Christian Studer   2020-12-23 03:12
UltraMon can't do this, you would probably need a display driver which supports this, but I'm not aware of any which do.

Do you need to run the apps fullscreen? If not, you could place them on the left half of the secondary monitor, and run the MirrorMon add-on on the right half, then configure MirrorMon to mirror and flip the left half of the secondary monitor.

Christian Studer -
Joseph   2020-12-23 04:47
Thank you for the response. Seems like there might be a market for this function, just based on the searching I did and the number of posts where people were looking for the same feature.

My photography field monitors have this ability built into their hardware. I can simply flip the screen horizontally or vertically within the OSD menu of the monitor. The only reason I don't use these monitors is because they are small, only 4-7" screen size.

BTW, I did try to mirror just an app (MS Teams) but the second monitor just goes black. Doesn't seem to like MS Teams.

Mike   2021-02-05 16:55
Well, I've been on the hunt, as others have too I'm sure, and I'll tell you one thing that does work to do what you want; but, I'll also say, I am doing it now and moving to Ultramon instead.

Using a tablet, you can use a program called Spacedesk, connect the laptop to the tablet as an additional screen and flip it. Looks great in the teleprompter and you can use any old Android tablet you have laying around. And yes, it shows as it's own monitor, not a mirror.

Problem is, the lag is pretty bad and it just eats CPU. If you're doing this on a beefy setup and you have some way to connect directly to the tablet via ethernet (which is it's own challenge, how to connect to ethernet AND charge the tablet) it might work well. On my quad core laptop, it brings the poor thing to it's knees trying to keep up. But it does work, I've been using it for some time now, and for Zoom, it's fine. It's just too heavy on my processor to use it going forward and, of course, like all wireless connections, it's a bit shaky at times. I'm getting a 10" monitor and UltraMon instead, it uses FAR less CPU to do the display and honestly, I don't want to use my teleprompter as another monitor, I just want it to be my main screen in mirror when I'm on Zoom.
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