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JT   2021-01-13 15:27
I have a brand new Windows 10 Pro install, version 20H2, when I installed Ultramon I am seeing a 1 to 2 second delay (my whole PC freezes for a second or two) whenever I try to open any UltraMon settings or use the Move Window button. My old PC with Win10 Pro 20H2 did not have this issue. Has anyone else seen this or have a solution? TIA
Christian Studer   2021-01-14 13:22
Not sure what would cause this, what happens if you right-click the UltraMon icon in the system tray, does the menu open immediately or is there a delay?

Christian Studer -
JT   2021-01-15 22:30
There's no delay on the initial right click of the menu, once I select something, say Wallpaper, then there's a delay. There's also a delay clicking the Move Window button on any window.
Christian Studer   2021-01-16 15:17
How many monitors do you have?

Christian Studer -
JT   2021-01-18 08:29
Usual setup is two additional monitors connected via a docking station, bit it happens even with my laptop undocked. I was hoping it was something known, it happened to me before on a previous machine and I ended up figuring it out but I don't remember how. I posted here hoping it was a known issue, but I guess not, I'll figure it out again I'm sure.
Could it possibly be .Net 3.5 related at all? I don't have that installed on this machine right now and I know that's a requirement for some apps.
Christian Studer   2021-01-18 15:13
Odd issue, I would have expected something related to the window buttons if you also have the delay when clicking the Move Window button, but then the issue shouldn't occur with the laptop undocked as the window buttons are disabled with only a single monitor available.

UltraMon doesn't use .NET.

One thing you could check: are any compatibility settings enabled for UltraMon.exe? To check for this go to the folder C:\Program Files\UltraMon, then right-click UltraMon.exe, select Properties from the menu and take a look at the Compatibility tab.

Christian Studer -
JT   2021-01-19 11:22
No compatibility settings were applied. For laughs I tried setting it to Win 7 and Win 8 compatibility, there was no change with either. I'm a Sys Admin, I'll eventually figure it out, I'll update here when I do. Thanks for your time Christian!
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Slight delay when clicking anything UltraMon related on new PC

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