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Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Cant set 5760 x 1080 resolution
Luis   2021-01-14 18:15


I have 3 monitors and cant find how to set a single screen of 5760x1080 as I used long time ago.

Having the 3 monitors enables I have a kind of 3 desktops. It est only one mouse pointer that could travel coast to coast of the three montors but with 3 Windows Start bottoms instead the same but with just one Windows Start botton.

I go to Display Settings then Actions then Arrange Monitors and I cant see the option of have only one wide monitor as I used, I just could see 3 differents monitors.

Any hint about how to do what I want?

Christian Studer   2021-01-15 02:55
Windows and UltraMon can't do this, but your video card driver may support this, check if the software for the video card driver has an option for span mode.

Christian Studer -
Luis   2021-01-15 18:56
Thanks Christian. Im sure I saw in Ultramon one large monitor instead of separated 3 ones, but may be is just after use the GPU to set it.
My problem is that seems my GPU is broken :-(
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Cant set 5760 x 1080 resolution

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