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GettnBetter   2021-03-07 10:31
I experienced a rather strange issue with Ultramon with the latest release of Kodi 19. If HDR is enabled and Kodi switches from HDR to SDR to play SDR content, Ultramon blanks all screens and resets all resolutions to the lowest current values. Also, if the PC goes to sleep with a Movie paused, when it wakes, the same thing happens but Windows enables night mode even though night mode is not enabled. I uninstalled Ultamon and the problem stopped. I know the latest Kodi uses the Nvidia API to manipulate HDR. Is it possible this is somehow triggering Ultramon or the NVidia API to load up incorrect settings?
Christian Studer   2021-03-08 13:02
Not sure how this would be related to UltraMon, UltraMon never changes display settings automatically, only if you apply a display profile or change settings via UltraMon menu > Display Settings.

I would try the following: reinstall UltraMon, then check if you still have the issue. If yes, try what happens if you close UltraMon via UltraMon menu > Close before Kodi switches from HDR to SDR.

Christian Studer -
GettnBetter   2021-03-11 07:42
Thank you for the reply. I verified the problem reappears if I install Ultramon. I then tried to reproduce the issue after closing Ultramon and it does not occur if I close Ultramon. I tried a 3'rd test, re-opening Ultramon, setting the screen to HDR, opening Kodi and launching SDR content and again, the problem occurred.

It appears as if Ultramon might be switching all the screens to the same 2K resolution somehow. Maybe its a profile I can't find or forgot about triggered by the HDR to SDR switch?

I tried two more tests to isolate by flicking the slider in the Windows display from HDR to SDR with Ultramon and Kodi open, no content playing and with SDR content playing. The problem doesn't occur in either case. It seems its only if Ultramon is running and Kodi turns off HDR.
Christian Studer   2021-03-12 13:01
Display profiles and scripts would still execute if UltraMon isn't running.

Do you have any hotkeys configured under UltraMon Options > Hotkeys? Those would only execute if UltraMon is running.

Christian Studer -
GettnBetter   2021-03-12 14:04
It appears that there was a profile with all monitors set to a 2K 60hz configuration, I must have set this up and not realized. For whatever reason it gets applied at boot and after an app changes the HDR settings. It seems to trigger Ultramon to do this but only if Ultramon is actually running. Not sure how I buggered that profile but it's all good now.

I discovered it's not just Kodi, even Cyberpunk triggered Ultramon to load the profile when I switch from SDR to HDR inside Cyberpunk.

In any event, what a cool program! Thank you for your time and efforts. I have found no other way to reliably turn off unneeded screens. Windows is quite deficient in it's ability to simply put a monitor to sleep natively.
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> HDR issue with latest Kodi 19 and Ultramon

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