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Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Big move button in chromium browser(Google Chrome, Ms Edge)
Mark   2021-07-08 10:24
overlaps with browser buttons
Christian Studer   2021-07-09 15:13
Which version of the browsers, UltraMon and Windows are you using?

I tested on Windows 10 version 21H1 with UltraMon 3.4.1, Chrome 91.0.4472.124 and Edge 91.0.864.67, but so far haven't seen this issue. The UltraMon buttons are the same size as the regular buttons for normal windows, and smaller for maximized windows.

Christian Studer -
Mark   2021-07-09 19:34
All last version, Win10 21H11, Сhrome 91.0.4472.124, Ultramon 3.4.1
This smaller size button for maximized chrome window is normal? Looks like too small

Now I think the problem with button was in windows task bar. I prefer to keep it on top of the screen
If I start Ultramon with task task bar on the top, I have big move button in chrome.
If I start Ultramon with task task bar at the bottom, I have small button in chrome
Changing task bar position without restart windows/ultramon does not change size of the move button

This problem(button size) only in Chromium based browser, about two months. I don’t know its win10 updates or browser engine update

Sorry if my English is not very good
Christian Studer   2021-07-12 08:06
Do you only have this issue with maximized windows?

I've been able to reproduce the issue, but only if taskbars are on top, one of the monitors uses a different DPI setting (I tested with 125% on the primary and 100% on the secondary), and if the browser is maximized.

Please also let me know what DPI setting you're using for each monitor, you can see this under UltraMon menu > Windows Display Properties, select the monitor then under Scale and Layout look for the size of text setting in percent.

Christian Studer -
Mark   2021-07-12 18:35
Yes, this issue only with maximized windows, but I use browser only maximized (

I am using two monitors, FHD 24" 1920x1200 and QHD 32" 2560 × 1440
They have different resolutions and sizes. but specially the same dpi/ppi, about 94 ppi
I don’t use scale in Windows, 100% on both monitors
Christian Studer   2021-07-15 04:44
I have taken a closer look at this and noticed that a similar issue was already fixed earlier, you can download the updated UltraMon.exe here.

This is for 64-bit Windows only, to install it first close UltraMon via UltraMon menu > Close, then copy UltraMon.exe from the ZIP file to C:\Program Files\UltraMon.

Let me know if this fixes the issue for you, for me it worked fine (taskbars on top and different DPI settings).

Christian Studer -
Mark   2021-07-30 17:39
It's working fine now. Thanks!
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Big move button in chromium browser(Google Chrome, Ms Edge)

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