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Amanda   2021-08-11 23:13
Hi - I have recently been getting the following error message box ...

UltraMon Desktop encountered a fatal error and will exit.
More information:
Version 3.4.1
OS:10.0 ver 2009 x64
Source file: WallpaperDesigner.cpp
Line: 70
Return value: -2147286789
Last error: 0

Any help to rectify would be greatly appreciated noting I am not at all technical so detailed instructions would be great!

Amanda   2021-08-11 23:24
Think I fixed it!
Christian Studer   2021-08-12 00:24
You'll get this if your wallpaper profile has become corrupted, to fix this go to UltraMon menu > Wallpaper, then select OK when asked if you want to adjust the wallpaper profile, this will reset it.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Fatal Error message

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