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Jo Younge   2003-06-05 03:28
I've downloaded the Matrix Reloaded trailer from the site but I can't seen to get it play withe videosaver.

If I try I get a yellow exclamation mark at it won't play. I've seen you post further down that says about converting it to a vob, but I don't have that option in the save as Export settings ?

Help ;)


Christian Studer   2003-06-05 12:27
You don't need to change the file type when using QTConv, the important thing is to change the video codec.

QTConv help has more information on this.

If you want the best possible results, you can convert the QuickTime movie to an uncompressed AVI first, then convert it to a WMP file using Windows Media Encoder.

You'll also be able to play the converted file with Windows Media Player.

Christian Studer -
Jo Younge   2003-06-06 10:20

Okay I've looked at the help provided but its not exactly verbose, how exactly do I produce and un-compressd AVI ?

Christian Studer   2003-06-06 11:47
Hi Jo,

on the export dialog, set Export to 'Movie to AVI', click on Options, then select video settings and set compression to None.

Please note that uncompressed movies can get huge, easily over 1 GB.

If you don't want to re-encode the movie after uncompressing it, you should just save it with a different compression method instead.

To do this, select a compression method supported by VideoSaver (and Windows Media Player), for example Cinepak or Indeo. Export can be set to 'Movie to AVI' or 'Movie to QuickTime Movie', doesn't really matter.

Christian Studer -
matt   2003-06-09 14:05
i believe if ya want the best you start from the best witch would be mpeg2 then use dvd2avi or virtualdub convert it over to avi n walla.. thats trhe best way to get good video/sound from it.. their are other methods that are new that work well to.. but im from old school smr days and if it aint broke dont fix it =)
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