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Jeremy   2003-06-10 11:17
Most problems with Excel have been fixed in this beta. Nice work, especially in regards to the problems with the Visual Basic Editor I reported before!

Two problems still though.

1) When in an Excel, hit Ctrl+F to bring up the find box. An entry will be created in the taskbar. Close the Find dialog and the taskbar entry doesn't go away until another entry is selected. This only happens on the main windows taskbar, not the Smart taskbar.

The find shouldn't create a taskbar entry. Other dialogs Eg- Open, Save As... don't have the same problem.

2) There is still a Visual Basic Editor problem. Bring up the VBE on the secondary monitor with excel open in the main monitor. Use the 'Move window' title bar button to move Excel to the secondary monitor then back again. The VBE taskbar entry will follow to the primary monitor, although the program is still on the secondary monitor.

That's it for now. Hope this helps in your developement!

Christian Studer   2003-06-11 12:07
Thanks for the bug reports. I have been able to reproduce both issues, will look into this for the next release (2.2 final).

BTW, I have also found a similar issue with Access XP, if multiple windows (tables, forms) are open an additional task button is added.

Christian Studer -
Jan   2003-07-22 18:59
Since this is such a BIG issue, will you be supllying us with a patch BEFORE the final version comes out, this is really irritating
Christian Studer   2003-07-23 00:46
This has already been fixed in 2.2 Beta 2, but I would recommend waiting for 2.2 final, which should be ready in about 2 weeks.

A patch for 2.1 isn't possible, fixing these issues required major changes to the Smart Taskbar.

Christian Studer -
Jeremy   2003-07-29 03:47
I can verify that both bugs have been fixed in the 2.2 beta 2 release.

Good work!
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