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Andrew Cormack   2003-07-31 13:53
Hi, just downloaded the trial, looks like a cool program,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but, when the screen saver kicks in it only displays on two out of my three monitors.

is this problem addressed in the full version?

agp geforce 4 4200ti twin output to hitachi cm621f monitors.

pci geforce 4 420MX output to hitachi cm621f monitor.
plays to secondary monitors but not primary....... any ideas why not?


Christian Studer   2003-07-31 23:42
Hi Andrew,

there is no separate full version, the only difference between the registered and unregistered version is the 30-day trial period limitation.

Unfortunately I don't know why it doesn't work on the primary monitor. I have tested on a very similar system (3 monitors with AGP + PCI Nvidia cards, Windows XP), worked fine.

Do you have this problem with all videos, or only some formats (for example only with AVI or WMV)?

Make sure you have the latest drivers from Nvidia. If you are using Windows XP: go to VideoSaver Options and check 'use classic video renderer' and test if it makes any difference.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> VideoSaver -> triple monitor output

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