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Henry Phan   2003-09-18 09:44
Hello, when using smart bar, the second window does not properly display the task name in the start bar correctly. In fact, it's hard to read what the window is when i minimize because the button in the taskbar is white with grey text. What it should be is blue with white text
Christian Studer   2003-09-18 10:04
Thanks for the bug report, please post a download link for the theme and I'll look into it.

Christian Studer -
Henry Phan   2003-09-18 10:18

Specifically i used the Blue theme
You may have to use either style XP or Windows Blinds to display the theme properly.
Christian Studer   2003-09-18 10:29
Unfortunately UltraMon has no special support for WindowBlinds skins, only custom visual styles (StyleXP) are supported.

See Help > Compatibility > WindowBlinds for more information on this.

Christian Studer -
Henry Phan   2003-09-29 05:24
I am currently using this skin with StyleXP. Windows Blinds isn't installed on this system
Christian Studer   2003-09-29 10:47
Do you have a link to the Visual Styles version? The link seems to be for the WindowBlinds version (.wba file).

Christian Studer -
Henry Phan   2003-09-30 14:48

There you go.
Christian Studer   2003-10-01 00:55
I have been able to reproduce the problem, if possible it will be fixed in the next release.

Christian Studer -
Chov   2004-02-02 08:32
Good =)

another problem with skins:
Is the smart taskbar height fixed ??
Im under a mac skin (for stylexp), and there's 1 extra pixel in the height of the smart taskbar.

smart taskbar -> main monitor
real taskbar -> second monitor

Yes, i resized the taskbar to the minimum possible and locked it.
Christian Studer   2004-02-03 07:37
The height is calculated automatically. Please post a download link for the skin and I'll look into it.

BTW, the issue with TallyHawk mentioned above has been fixed in 2.4.

Christian Studer -
Will Ellett   2004-02-05 01:08
Maybe a little off-topic, but what is Visual Styles? I feel a little silly even asking this. I have used WindowBlinds for some time now (kinda miss support for it in UltaMon, but no biggie) and never heard of Visual Styles...

Just curious,
Christian Studer   2004-02-05 08:14
Visual styles is the skinning support in Windows XP and later, a tool such as Style XP is required to use third-party skins (by default you are limited to Microsoft skins/visual styles).

Christian Studer -
Lee Hulme   2006-01-19 21:33
hi does anybody know were you can download themes for the smart bar xp
please mail me
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