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Simon Yee Choong Yein   2003-09-20 00:28
Hi, I would like to know how many multimonitor card can a system handle and what specification should I build on ?
Christian Studer   2003-09-20 01:49
See Maximum number of monitors in the FAQ for information on this.

I have tested a 12-monitor system with 3 Matrox G450 MMS quad cards, Windows XP and UltraMon, worked fine.

16 monitors with Colorgraphic Xentera GT cards should also work fine, see this thread.

Christian Studer -
Douglas   2003-09-24 06:50
This really depends upon the memory footprint of the video adapters that are installed in the system. We estimate we can run up to 64 screens with our Xentera GT product line.

Douglas Jordan
Colorgraphic, VP Engineering
ecarlson   2003-09-24 10:44
64 screens on one PC would be a pretty impressive feat to accomplish.

- Eric
Timo Martiskainen   2007-02-04 01:57

I'm one of the so called 'got rich too fast and therefore never had to develop social skills' so I make this short for you.

I'm looking for multiple screen computer system with expandable number of separate LCD-tv-screens which would be working WIRELESS and enabling opening a different file on each monitor.

AND a wireless touchbad keyboard to go with that.

And with wireless I mean that each of the screens would connect to the main buter wireless.
(That's why I got so interested about your wireless video adapters)

Provide me one, I buy one

I have Acer ferrari 3400 but if I need to buy new buter for what I mentioned above that shall be no broblem.

So please tell me what I need to get it work and explain it to me like you would explain it to someone who is two years old.
(I'm NOT a buter geek. i just happend to have the money to buy what I want)

Timo Martiskainen

PS: Check

elvis   2007-02-06 12:37
Timo Martiskainen

you sound like a dumb azz to me

I dought u have 2 nickels
Timo   2007-10-04 05:28
well I am a dumb ass. But i have the money =)

What is 'nickel'


Mr. T.
Greg Walters   2007-10-17 07:36
The NTI QuadStation Series is our professional multi-monitor computer system for creating a powerful, productive working environment with 2-16 independent displays (using UltraMon to break the Windows 10 Monitor limit.

Multiply your productivity exponentially by adding more displays on your single computer system.

See Naples Technology, Inc. (NTI)

Greg Walters
Operations Manager
Jono   2009-05-21 12:34
How many monitors does Vista support natively?

How many monitors does Win7 support natively?
greg   2010-05-10 05:32
J - Max supported displays in a MS world is 10. Only UltraMon can break that limit. if you need any more help
Al Abbasi   2015-01-06 08:40
Now.. After almost 5 years.. has the technology helped in increasing the number of displays.. I am thinking of establishing a big screen formed of 100 47 in border less LED screens.. is it possible to connect them to a MAC to form one display and at the same time connect them to some other image/video playing devices such as a TV settop box or a cable TV receiver and a survelance camera. ? What do I need to buy beside the TV screens and any guide on the setup process (I mean cablin)... In additi on, which LED TV has the least power consumption and the least heat decipation. .??

Thanking you very much GEEKS, in advance. .

Al Abbasi
Jared   2015-05-28 23:50
Hi Al,

Yes, multi monitor technology has advanced quite a bit. Feel free to contact me at to discuss.


Forums -> Multiple monitors -> How many?

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