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Forums -> VideoSaver -> "Options" grayed out in QTConv - can't export
Craig   2003-10-14 22:55
In QTConv, I have the .mov file for the Matrix Revolutions trailer selected, I click Save As, and in the Save export file as: dialog box, the Options button at the bottom right is grayed out and inaccessible, and the Export drop-down menu shows only "Movie" and "Movie, self-contained", neither of which produce anything useful.

I have Quicktime 6 installed.

What am I missing?
Christian Studer   2003-10-15 02:18
Most likely you don't have the QuickTime authoring components installed, which are required for exporting.

Try reinstalling QuickTime, and make sure you select either a full install or custom with authoring selected.

Christian Studer -
LittleScooby   2009-07-22 12:39
I'm trying to convert a movie from .mov format for use with Video Saver, however, usually this program reduces the resolution by default. Is there a quick way or settings guide to be able to use QTConv.exe so that a .mov is converted with the same resolution and sound as to be close to identical to the original .mov movie trailer?
LittleScooby   2009-07-22 12:47
I found this thread and will try it for now:

Hi Jo,

on the export dialog, set Export to 'Movie to AVI', click on Options, then select video settings and set compression to None.

Please note that uncompressed movies can get huge, easily over 1 GB.

If you don't want to re-encode the movie after uncompressing it, you should just save it with a different compression method instead.

To do this, select a compression method supported by VideoSaver (and Windows Media Player), for example Cinepak or Indeo. Export can be set to 'Movie to AVI' or 'Movie to QuickTime Movie', doesn't really matter.

Christian Studer -
LittleScooby   2009-07-23 17:23
Tried this, but quality was very low.
Christian Studer   2009-07-24 08:54
What worked well for me was to first create an uncompressed AVI, then a WMV from that using Windows Media Encoder. This is a bit time-consuming though, I don't know if there are better tools available to accomplish this.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> VideoSaver -> "Options" grayed out in QTConv - can't export

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