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Mao   2003-10-23 14:36
I have two monitors, and open usually MS-Access with maximized size onto the secondary monitor. But sometimes, the task icon appears on the taskbar on primary monitor, or moves there while using however it appears on the secondary taskbar at first.
Christian Studer   2003-10-25 09:07
Make sure you are using at least version 2.2 of UltraMon, there were several Office-related fixes to the Smart Taskbar.

Do you have multiple Access taskbar buttons when the problem happens, or only a single one? By default, Access will add a taskbar button for each open database, table, etc.

Christian Studer -
Mao   2003-10-27 13:20
Thank you for your reply.
The UltraMon I'm using is version 2.3.
I had used ver2.1 till a week before, and it did not have this problem.
On taskbar, there are some MSAccess icons. The database's one is on primary monitor, and others (table and etc) are on secondary monitor.
Christian Studer   2003-10-28 11:15
Please check if moving the database window around a bit causes the taskbar button to be moved back to the secondary monitor.

Christian Studer -
Mao   2003-10-28 18:38
I moved and resized the database window, MSAccess itself and etc., but nothing happened. The icon is still on primary monior.
Christian Studer   2003-10-29 00:55
I have now been able to reproduce the problem by creating a new table. This causes the task button for the database window to be moved to the primary monitor.

As a workaround, move the main Access window to the primary monitor and back. This will cause all task buttons to be moved to the secondary monitor.

I'll look into this issue for the next release.

Christian Studer -
Mao   2003-10-29 13:35
Thank you for your advice, and I'm looking forward to the next release!
wang   2005-07-10 02:54
my 2ndary monitor displays only senter part of the full screen?? My primary is wide type. I followed "trouble shoot" procedures (pc, windows XP), but no hint there. Please help, thanks!

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