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DCH   2003-11-03 03:48
I'm running videosaver on Win XP prof with all recent updates on 2 monitors. i have an ATI radaeon 8500 card. The program refuses to play .mov files coming up with the error 'The error 0x80040111 occurred the last time videosaver tried to play this video. Please contact...' Any help would be greatly apprecaited.

Christian Studer   2003-11-03 04:06
Can you play the same files with Windows Media Player?

Most newer QuickTime movies won't work with VideoSaver and Windows Media Player. This is because the new codecs (compressors) aren't supported.

You can use the QTConv utility included with VideoSaver (installed in the main VideoSaver folder) to convert QuickTime movies, this requires QuickTime to be installed (including the authoring components).

Christian Studer -
DivX   2003-11-19 04:52
you can also use kazaa Avi-preview and do-
save file ass option also works on .mov files.

no more 0X80040111
Forums -> VideoSaver -> Error 0X80040111 when playing .mov files

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