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matt   2004-01-08 09:25
I am currently using Aston 1.9.0 (the latest version) and the latest UltraMon (version 2.4) and I thought the problem with Aston was fixed. I'm specifically talking about each display having its own taskbar. First I tested UltraMon with only one monitor connected and loaded up Aston. But, when I open any programs they do no show up on the taskbar until I exit UltraMon. Can anyone help me? If this problem has been posted I apologize in advance. THanks.
Christian Studer   2004-01-08 19:48
Starting with UltraMon 2.2, the Smart Taskbar will no longer start if Aston is used instead of the default shell on Windows XP or later.

This is due to additional dependencies on the default shell.

It would be possible to change this, the problem is that the UltraMon taskbar won't have the Aston look (it will use the same look as the current visual style), and also might not have the same height.

Let me know if you would still be interested in a basic level of compatibility with Aston.

Christian Studer -
matt   2004-01-09 01:33
I gotcha....thanks for the reply, but you're still saying it is possible right? Because if there is a way to do it I would do it just to see how it looks. Because I can probably chane the Aston taskbar to resemble the visual style of WinXP...or maybe I won't care at all. So is there a workaround?
Christian Studer   2004-01-09 21:05
This can't be done with the current version of UltraMon, I have uploaded a modified UltraMonTaskbar.exe which adds support for Aston:

For Windows XP or later only:

To install the file, close UltraMon, then extract the ZIP file to your UltraMon directory, usually C:\Program Files\UltraMon.

If you find this useful, let me know and I'll consider adding basic Aston support to the next release.

Christian Studer -
matt   2004-01-10 04:58
Thank you, I'll be trying it out soon.
matt   2004-01-10 05:03
I backed up the old taskbar.exe and put the new EXE into the directory. But I still get the same problem. Use SmartTaskbar is checked but when I have the option set to each monitor having its own taskbar, it does not show up. Only when I click the option to mirror all taskbar buttons does it show up. Did I do something wrong?
Christian Studer   2004-01-10 07:06
Works fine for me with Aston 1.9, not sure what's going wrong on your system.

The last modified date of UltraMonTaskbar.exe is January 10, and not January 3?

Christian Studer -
matt   2004-01-12 13:45
I was talking to the forum over at Aston Shell and one of the moderators said that there isn't a bug in Aston that causes UltraMon to not work, but rather UltraMon looks for the Explorer.exe shell and obviously does not see it so it does not run correctly. They also said UltraMon could be simply modified for different shells and run fine. Personally, this seems completely obvious and would just insult your intelligence but I was just wondering what your opinion was.
Christian Studer   2004-01-12 20:27
The problem was a dependency on the Windows taskbar implementation, but this has been removed in the patch.

With the patch installed, the Smart Taskbar works fine together with Aston on my system, I have the Aston taskbar on the primary monitor and the UltraMon taskbar on the secondary.

Christian Studer -
Matt   2004-01-24 11:14
I GOT IT TO WORK!!! It's Awesome, though I understand UltraMon's capabilities are fully exploited in the explorer.exe shell but I still love that it works with Aston....thanks a lot....I think other people might like this as well because people over at the Aston forum also wish UltraMon would work and I can't wait to tell them to try it. Is it possible to get Aston support for the next version? Maybe a more full support with Wallpaper support and everything just like Windows? Thanks a lot for your help.
Christian Studer   2004-01-25 06:25
I'll add support for the Aston shell to the taskbar in the next release (will be the same as 2.4 with the patch).

Regarding the wallpaper: I don't think this will work with UltraMon, looks like Aston overrides the Windows wallpaper.

Christian Studer -
wbarber69   2004-02-05 20:50
why not just configure a wallpaper scheme under the explorer shell then export the bmp to the aston profile
Fraeco   2004-06-15 23:12
Is it just me or is the file linked in one of the above posts moved? If so, where did it move to because i can't find it.
Christian Studer   2004-06-16 06:02
Support for the Aston shell has been added in UltraMon 2.5, the patch for 2.4 is no longer publicly available.

Christian Studer -
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