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RatB   2004-01-25 02:16
I can put the Master Volume to default to 100% and then after the screensaver comes I can toggle between sound and mute but if I put the volume to default to 0% I can't toggle from mute to sound although I can use the up and down arrows to get the volume on. I have to default to mute when the screensaver comes in case I'm not there when it starts. Neighbours wouldn't be happy if was left on full blast for a couple of hours!
RatB   2004-01-25 04:49
Also the only way I can make sure the sound from the screensaver doesn't intefere with other programs e.g. Realplayer is by putting the sound down to 0% on the actual playlist. How can I do this and still be able to toggle the screensaver from mute to sound if I want to - even the up and down arrows don't work with this option.
Christian Studer   2004-01-25 06:44
The mute toggle won't work if the volume is at 0%, this would require a separate mute and volume setting (will be considered for a future release).

The volume up/down controls only affect the master volume, if a video clip's volume has been set to 0% it will always be silent. A video clip volume of 50% means 50% of the master volume.

Changing the master volume affects the system sound volume while VideoSaver is running, if set to 0% other applications will be muted as well. This might get changed in a future release though.

As a workaround, you could set the master volume to 1%, and leave the volume for the individual clips at the default 100%.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> VideoSaver -> mute toggle

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