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richard   2004-04-19 00:50
I'm trying to make one widescreen video file span 2 monitors, but no matter what i select in videosaver, i get a cloned image of the movie that's fullscreen on each monitor. any suggestions?
Christian Studer   2004-04-19 01:34
Make sure you have set the Style setting for each video to Desktop.

To change the setting, double-click the style setting, by default Monitor, of the video's playlist entry.

Christian Studer -
richard   2004-04-19 14:10
Oh. My. Goodness. It worked flawlessly. Wow. this piece of software is amazing. Thanks!
richard   2004-04-19 14:29
any plans to make a fully featured multiple monitor spanning media player?
Christian Studer   2004-04-19 21:56
I've thought about it, but currently I have no plans for a multi-monitor video player.

If you want to launch VideoSaver directly: run VideoSaver.scr with the /s command-line argument.

You could create a shortcut to VideoSaver.scr (located in the Windows directory, usually C:\Windows), then add the command-line argument at the end of the Target field of the shortcut, should look something like this:

C:\WINDOWS\VideoSaver.scr /s

Christian Studer -
stoickov   2005-09-02 22:11
I set the Style setting to Desktop.
I still see cloned movies on each of 2 monitors.
why is that?
stoickov   2005-09-02 22:27
I know I know,
first I added movies to the playlist
then I changed the Style setting,
but the default setting was still for the firsttly added movies.

it's almost ok now.
almost, because the quality of the secondary monitor is not to good (a kind of pixelize),
but I suppose it's the hardware thing,
am I right?
Christian Studer   2005-09-02 22:37
Most likely the video on the secondary monitor uses software rendering instead of a video overlay, which results in lower quality scaling of the video.

Most dualhead video cards only support video overlays on a single monitor.

Christian Studer -
stoickov   2005-09-02 23:14
really great stuff!
I'm dreaming of an option to start the movie the place it stoped last time [- ??? sec]. default 0.
Christian Studer   2005-09-03 08:28
This is already supported, to enable this option, go to VideoSaver Options, then check 'Continue Where Stopped'.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> VideoSaver -> making video span 2 monitors on radeon 9600

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