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Jesse Houwing   2004-04-27 22:17
rigth now it happens too often that I open the windows context menu on my right screen, but accidentally close the window that is maximised on the left screen. This is very annoying.

I'd love it if the title of the left screen would be right aligned like this:

[x][=][_] [o][<>] window title *

instead of
* Window title [<>][o] [_][=][x]

Would this be possible?
Christian Studer   2004-04-28 07:08
Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into it for UltraMon 3, probably won't be possible though.

BTW, you can also open the window menu by right-clicking anywhere on the window title bar, this way you can open the window menu in the middle of the monitor instead of near the left edge.

Christian Studer -
Valamas   2021-03-23 21:23
After so many years, I second this.

The same can be said for a sidebar taskbar. To be able to set icons to the bottom.

Free mode: where ever i drag you, you stay.

Align mode: Right click on the task bar program, set taskbar alignment to left (default), center or right.

and to optionally have the positions remembered or not.

Spawn point for new instances.

I would buy the v4 upgrade.

Signature: I tried, but after posting I realised my error.
Christian Studer   2021-03-28 14:05
Would you want an additional taskbar on the left/right side, or just position the regular taskbar there instead of at the bottom?

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Wish: Right align windows titles on the left screen

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