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Johny   2004-06-02 22:42
I'm testing release.
When using Miranda on secondary monitory, application icons are asociated with wrong tasks or there are no icons. It's interesting to sew Total Commander with ICQ Icon :)))

Ultramon don't work with MinGW studio developer. May be bug of MDS. If I to add file to project (editor is probably opening), MDS fall without message. If i close ultramon, it works. :(
Christian Studer   2004-06-03 01:04
Thanks for the bug reports.

MinGW Developer Studio:

I have been able to reproduce the issue, the problem are the custom menu commands added by UltraMon. Disabling the custom menu commands for this application fixes the problem.

To do this, go to UltraMon Options > Window Menu, and add MinGWStudio.exe to the list of excluded applications.

Will be fixed in the next release if possible.


I can't reproduce this issue, the correct icons are shown on the UltraMon taskbar for Miranda windows (chat, user details, etc) and other applications.

Testing was done with Miranda on Windows XP SP1.

Let me know if there are any specific steps I need to take to reproduce this issue.

Christian Studer -
Rauk   2009-10-12 03:30
Hi all i have a problem with MinGW Developer Studio when i finish a proiect i can't use Ctrl+F5 or the "!" from the top of the screen probably i need to do something in the options? I don't know.

Please can someone help me?!
Christian Studer   2009-10-12 08:31
Which version of UltraMon and Windows are you using?

Christian Studer -
Rauk   2009-10-14 07:39
never mind ty for helping now is runing well i downloaded from other way, by the way i have windows 7 :D
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