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Pete Wilson   2004-07-30 05:37
I had to switch monitor 2 to be primary when I swapped video cables so I could isolate a video glitch I was seeing.

When I switched primary monitors, of course I had to move the Windows taskbar to the primary (toggled the secondary) and the smartbar to the secondary.

Now when I spread my Outlook over both windows (or any other application) the Smartbar has the task button even though it is not the primary monitor. This did not happen when monitor 1 was the primary.

Somewhere I think the Smartbar is checking for monitor 1 instead of for the primary monitor when deciding to take the task button.
Christian Studer   2004-07-30 07:09
I'll add support for this in the next release, if a window is desktop-maximized, UltraMon will place the task button on the primary monitor.

Currently the task button gets placed on the monitor which contains the larger part of the window. For example if the primary monitor uses a lower resolution, the button gets placed on the secondary monitor, and vice versa.

If both monitors use the same resolution, the button gets placed on the lower-numbered monitor, that's probably what happens on your system.

Christian Studer -
Pete Wilson   2004-07-30 10:32
Correct - the two monitors are identical (21", 1280x1024).

Now looking forward to a 3.0 beta! :)
Richard Berg   2004-08-06 16:16
I have a similar but even more glaring error. When I place monitor #1 on the right instead of the left, the smart taskbar function reverses the position of the task icons. Apps on the left monitor have their icon on the right and vice versa.
Christian Studer   2004-08-07 02:07
If you moved the UltraMon taskbar, you'll need to right-click a free area on the taskbar and adjust the 'Show Tasks from' setting.

Otherwise the taskbar will still show tasks from the monitor it was on previously.

Christian Studer -
Richard Berg   2004-08-07 18:00
Like the poster above, I only did this because I needed to test some hardware in a specific way -- it's back to normal now. Glad to know there's an option to adjust this, though.
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> SmartBar issue with primary monitor #2

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