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John   2004-09-23 02:30
Im currently using videosaver to stretch home rendered videos across three projectors.Im using a resolution of 1600x400.

During playback , I experience a lag which causes the video displayed by each projector to go out of sync.

My current machine is a P4 1 Ghz CPU with 256mb of ram.Three ATI Rage 128 PCI cards are used to provide outputs.

I am guessing that my system isnt powerful enough to take the load.I would be grateful if somebody could tell me the minimum requirements to achieve flawless playback.

Thanking you in advance.

Christian Studer   2004-09-24 04:05
Making a recommendation is difficult, as performance depends on several factors.

I would first check how much CPU is used, you can do this with Performance Monitor (Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Performance).

Also check if video overlays are used on each monitor. To do this, run the screen saver, then make a screenshot by pressing the PRINTSCREEN (PrtSc) button. Paste the screenshot into Paint, then check if it is all black. If yes, video overlays are used on each monitor, which is best for performance.

I would also experiment with video size, smaller videos should require less CPU. Different sorts of compression will also make a difference, in my experience you get the worst performance with uncompressed video.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> VideoSaver -> Performance boost

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