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Michael Hampton   2004-12-02 23:02
Is there a way to set video saver up as the screensaver for the .DEFAULT user in XP so that it kicks in when no one is logged in? I have a machine at my desk that is seldom actually logged in (print server) which would be great to have this running on. Currently it is running a picture slideshow screen saver.

Michael Hampton
Christian Studer   2004-12-03 04:06
This is possible, but requires a bit of work:

1) login as administrator

2) make sure VideoSaver31.msi is located in a folder on the local disk

3) if you have already installed VideoSaver, uninstall it. To install VideoSaver for all users, open a command prompt and type the following:

msiexec /i "C:\My Folder\VideoSaver31.msi" ALLUSERS=1

4) configure UltraMon as desired, and save the playlist. Make sure that the videos added to the playlist are located on the local disk, it looks like the local system account is used to run the screen saver if no user is logged in, and this account doesn't have network access

5) open regedit.exe, select the key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\VideoSaver', then choose File\Export from the menu and save the key to a .reg file

6) open the .reg file in a text editor and replace HKEY_CURRENT_USER with HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT in the whole file

7) run the modified .reg file to import the settings into the registry

8) open regedit.exe, select the key 'HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop' and set the SCRNSAVE.EXE value to C:\Windows\VideoSaver.scr

9) if you want to change the timeout value, set the ScreenSaveTimeOut value to the number of seconds you want to wait before the screen saver comes on

Christian Studer -
Forums -> VideoSaver -> Play when not logged in?

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