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Tom   2004-12-31 22:54
I posted this question about 1 year ago :) Just curious if you're still developing the program.

VideoSaver is the ONLY program that I have found to be able to play a video across 2 screens. A version of VideoSaver with proper playback controls and support for more formats would be a dream come true.
Christian Studer   2005-01-02 01:44
Currently no new release is in the works or planned. VideoSaver is still supported though.

At the moment I have no plans for releasing a multi-monitor video player.

I've thought about it, but a major issue would be lack of DVD support, due to most MPEG2 codecs not supporting multi-monitor playback.

Christian Studer -
Yale   2005-01-09 21:40
If you're using an ATI card, use Catalyst Control Center and use the "horizontal stretch" feature.

In Zoom player or another video program, use Video Mixing Renderer 9 (VMR9) instead of the standard overlay, and you will have flawless video playback spanning two screens.
El Guapo   2005-02-17 22:22
I tried BSplayer with VMR-9 renderless mode, but the quality of the movie dropped really low. It looked like an ancient crappy encoded ASF ;)

Would it help to use a videocard with DX9 support (I now use a Radeon 8500)?
Forums -> VideoSaver -> Next version of VideoSaver?

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