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Forums -> VideoSaver -> Sounds is muted after screensaver exits
ertee   2005-04-11 06:58
Hi there,

I am using VideoSaver to display high resolution still images across two monitors as a screensaver. Everything works perfectly, except that after the screensaver exits the "wave" setting on my system volume is at zero, effectively muting sounds on the system. I then have to manually go in and raise the system volume again.

I've tried every combination of options and volume settings in VideoSaver and still it mutes my system sound upon finishing each time. I assume that this bug is a result of the fact that I am using JPG files as the sources in the playlist instead of videos.

Can you speculate as to what might be causing this issue, or suggest a workaround?

Many thanks.
Christian Studer   2005-04-11 07:37
Do you have the modified VideoPlayer.dll installed?

I tested with the regular version, but haven't noticed any issues with JPEGs and the system volume setting.

If the master volume under options is set to zero, VideoSaver will mute the system volume, but the original setting should get restored when VideoSaver exits. Unfortunately I have no idea why restoring the system volume setting would fail.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> VideoSaver -> Sounds is muted after screensaver exits

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