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nanobrain   2005-07-14 14:29
Ever since I switched to 2.6 I get 80% of the time the error "unable to set systray icon" at startup. After pressing OK some of the systray icons of other applications do not appear eiher.

Anbody else seen his and can offer a solution?


Christian Studer   2005-07-14 20:52
This seems to happen if the Windows shell (explorer.exe) takes a long time to complete startup.

Delaying automatic startup of UltraMon should fix the problem. To do this, run regedit.exe, select the key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon', double-click on the AutoStartDelay value, set Base to Decimal and enter the number of seconds by which startup should be delayed.

A delay of 10-20 seconds should work fine.

Earlier versions of UltraMon didn't show this error message, the application would simply quit. Did UltraMon occasionally fail to start automatically when you were using the previous version?

Christian Studer -
nanobrain   2005-07-14 22:17
I can't remember it failing this often earlier. I had played with the Autodelay option before, but was not aggressive enough. Putting the Autodelay value to 30 secs solved my problem.


Christian Studer   2005-07-15 08:42
My guess is that UltraMon 2.6 gets started earlier during the startup process than previous releases, due to a change in how automatic startup is handled (Run registry entry instead of shortcut in the startup folder).

I'll look into a better fix for this issue for the next release.

Christian Studer -
waffles   2005-07-15 22:34
I have experienced the same issue after upgrading to 2.6. I'll try the reg fix..
Andrew Cronin   2006-10-03 06:57
The messeage
"Unable to set systray icon"

comes up for me at start up and i have changed the registry file to autostart delay for 30 seconds and it does the same thing again like nothings changed!!


any help welcome

Christian Studer   2006-10-03 10:07
Installing version 2.7.0 should fix the problem, but you could also try a longer delay.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> 2.6 unable to set systray icon

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