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David Gurley   2005-08-30 03:10
I just installed UltraMon and really like it. However, I haven't been able to figure out how to drag my maximized "remote desktop" from my secondary monitor to my primary monitor using the cursor. I can move it if I un-maximize the "remote desktop" running on my secondary monitor and move the window to my primary monitor and then re-maximize it.

I've had a very tough time getting Aquarium screensavers to work on all three of my monitors at the same time, but that's another story...

Christian Studer   2005-08-30 09:45
This won't work if support for dragging maximized windows with the mouse is enabled in UltraMon.

As a workaround, restore the Remote Desktop window from maximized to normal size, then resize it so that the full remote desktop is visible (no scrollbars).

What happens is that if the window is maximized, UltraMon's 'drag maximized windows with the mouse' feature gets enabled, preventing normal movement of the window.

This doesn't work very well with Remote Desktop because the window doesn't get maximized like regular windows.

Christian Studer -
James Houck   2005-09-09 01:50
I had this problem as well. The solution (instead of resizing to move it) I found was to set up a hotkey (Ultramon->Options->Hotkeys). My Hotkey was CTRL + Caps Lock to "Move window to next monitor".

Works especially well if you only have two monitors.
Steve VZ   2006-10-03 07:01
I recently downloaded the new version (2.7.0) and found a link on the new features page to this post. However, even with the new version installed, I still can't move a maximized Remote Desktop session from one monitor to the other--by dragging or by using my usual hotkey. The only way to do it by restoring the Remote Desktop screen--at which point the the Move Window button becomes available on the Remote Desktop title bar and the window can be moved with the mouse or with the hotkey.

Am I missing something?

Dave E   2006-10-03 09:28
I installed 2.7 specifically just for the Remote Desktop fix. And like Steve VZ, I also can't figure out how to move a maximized Remote Desktop screen without restoring it first.
Christian Studer   2006-10-03 10:23
UltraMon can't move fullscreen Remote Desktop windows.

The fix is for maximized Remote Desktop windows, where you still have the window title bar.

Maximized and restored Remote Desktop windows look the same though because Remote Desktop has non-standard maximize behavior. The maximize/restore button on the window's title bar will indicate the current status of the window (maximized or restored).

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Can't drag maximized remote desktop to other monitor

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