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Bishop Brock   2005-09-09 04:55
I'm using NetSarang XManager 2.0 (a Windows X server) to display X applications from a remote Linux box. When I try to drag maximized X windows from one monitor to another it seems that 3 times out of 4, the X windows disappear from my Windows XP system. The client is still runnning on the Linux box, but the display application on the Windows XP side has apparently been killed, as it disappears from the Windows TaskManager 'Applications' pane. Any thoughts?

Also, maximized windows from certain applications refuse to be dragged to other monitors. Why is that?
Christian Studer   2005-09-09 09:35
Most likely the application is for some reason not compatible with the way UltraMon moves the window to a different monitor.

Do you have the same problem when moving the window with a hotkey (UltraMon Options > Hotkeys), or via the UltraMon move window button?

Some applications control window movement and can't be moved by other applications, other applications might be incompatible with the specific method UltraMon uses to move maximized windows.

If possible, please post download links for the applications which can't be moved, and I'll look into it.

Christian Studer -
Bishop Brock   2005-09-11 05:11
Christian -

Regarding the X-Windows, the UltraMon "move window" button does seem to work reliably on these windows, so that's good. The hotkey "move window to next monitor" destroys them, however. If you have a Linux/Unix box for clients you can get a free download of the XManager 2.0 through if you want to try it.

The windows that refused to be dragged are "wish" windows created by ActiveState Tcl. Go to and download and install ActiveTcl 8.4.11, and run the 'wish84' application. "move window" and hotkey buttons work on these guys, but for some reason when they are maximized they don't allow you to get a "move" handle on them.

Christian Studer   2005-09-12 07:14
I've been able to reproduce the issue with wish84, and will look into it for the next release, will be fixed if possible.

I'll also look into the NetSarang issue, but currently don't have access to a Linux or Unix system for testing.

Christian Studer -
Bishop Brock   2005-09-14 03:27

I appreciate your interest. You can test the X Windows problem under MS Windows by downloading and installing Cygwin from This creates a Unix-like environment under Windows. Make sure you get the "X" packages. For some reason the Netsarang XManager doesn't seem to accept X connections directed to the main IP address of the local machine or localhost (, so you'll either need 2 windows machines, or 1 windows machine w/ 2 network adapters (or maybe one network adapter assigned 2 addresses, I don't know). Anyway, if this is set up and the Xmanager is running on the server machine you can run the Cygwin bash shell on the client machine and type

$ export DISPLAY=:0.0
$ xclock

which will display a little clock. Maximize and drag the clock around your monitors, and if your system is like mine the clock window will eventually disappear without killing xclock. Please free free to contact me at my private e-mail if you need any further information.

Bishop Brock   2005-09-14 03:29
Sorry, some angle brackets dropped out above. Should have read

$ export DISPLAY=
$ xclock

Where is replaced by the ipaddress or hostname of the machine running the X server.
Bishop Brock   2005-09-15 02:05
One final apology - my comments above about needing 2 machines/network cards to reproduce the problem are wrong. I was confused, it works fine on one Windows machine with Cygwin/XManeger installed.

$ export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0
$ xclock
Christian Studer   2005-09-15 07:57
Thanks for the information. I have now tested with xManager, and have been able to reproduce the issue.

Unfortunately I don't know what might cause this, I wasn't able to reproduce the issue reliably, usually it worked fine several times, but then the window vanished. My guess would be that this is an issue with xManager, UltraMon does the same thing each time the window gets moved.

I had the same behavior independent of the method used to move the maximized window (drag with mouse, window button, or hotkey).

More details:

The issue only occurs when running a single application via Xstart, remote desktop sessions (XDMCP) didn't have the problem.

Xstart sesssions were configured to launch xterm. Test system was Windows XP SP2 with UltraMon 2.6 and xManager 2.0. Remote system was Linux running under Virtual PC.

Christian Studer -
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