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Thorc   2006-01-22 10:15
Firstly, I'd like to say Ultramon is great. A slightly problem I seem to be having recently though is becoming a bit of a difficulty (although I've disabled what caused it - it's been puzzling me for a while!)

After tracking down a desktop heap problem I've been experiencing recently, I seem to have tracked it down to Ultramon.

I'm not certain, but I'd appreciate any ideas or feedback.

The feature this relates to is Ultramon's addition of menu items to windows. Namely the extra seperator, the maximise to desktop entry and the move to another monitor entry.

Every time a window is displayed, Ultramon attaches these to it. The problem is, when the window is closed, the resources are not freed.

This can be viewed with task manager. Open it, go to the processes page, and select 'Select columns' from the view menu. Tick 'USER objects'.

Open something, like firefox, and note the USER object count. Open the about box, and then close it. The USER object count is 3 above what it was before. Repeat this, and it'll go up 3 each time. The same occurs with other windows and applications (I am not certain if it is any window, or specific types of window. It seems to be only certain ones as far as I can see - namely ones that have just a close button and are dialogs).

Over time, with lots of windows opening and closing and lots of things being used, this leak becomes quite painful, especially for those of us that leave the PC running for a long time.

Hundreds of resources are lost, especially to applications that aren't closed (Apps we keep running, such as outlook, or things that stay running, such as explorer).

I just thought I would post this in case you weren't aware. I apologise if this is incorrect, I can only go on what I've observed, although things do seem to point to Ultramon.

It's not a problem if the extra menu options are disabled though. That prevents the leak completely, so the problem (if it is a problem) would seem to lie there.

Thanks a lot :)

Christian Studer   2006-01-23 10:48
I'll look into this tomorrow, at the moment I'm not aware of resource leaks caused by the added menu commands.

Christian Studer -
Christian Studer   2006-01-24 09:52
I've been able to reproduce the issue, thanks for the detailed bug report.

An updated version of RTSUltraMonHook.dll is available which fixes the problem:

For Windows XP/2003:
For 64-bit Windows x64:

Windows 2000, 98 and Me are not affected by this issue.

Installing the updated DLL: go to the UltraMon installation folder, usually C:\Program Files\UltraMon, and make a backup of RTSUltraMonHook.dll (also RTSUltraMonHookX32.dll on 64-bit Windows). Then close UltraMon, and extract the ZIP to the UltraMon installation folder.

Christian Studer -
Christian Studer   2006-01-24 09:55
Please note that the updated DLL will only work with UltraMon 2.6.

Christian Studer -
ycomp   2007-10-04 23:31
Is this fixed in 2.7? Or do I need to download the dll?

I had this problem for years and stopped using ultramon. Then I reinstalled ultramon, and now just suffered same problem - apps open for weeks. Resource loss. I think it must be ultramon again since effects are the same as before and my system is pretty bare bones.
Christian Studer   2007-10-05 08:19
The fix for this issue is included in 2.7.0 and later versions.

Do you see increased memory usage over time for each application when UltraMon is running?

Christian Studer -
ycomp   2007-10-05 23:21
don't know... I will take a snapshot now and compare later in the week. thanks.
ycomp   2007-10-08 23:13
do you think this could be a common problem that other applications might do? I mean i know ultramon was causing it before... but since you have fixed it and with 2.7 I still have the problem and since only one of my applications is growing (hugely) in memory over the week (now about 500mb, was 30mb earlier in week), maybe it is this application that swallows up the windows handles eventually? What do you think?
ycomp   2007-10-08 23:50
wait... just closed and reloaded that program... still 569MB, so I think it just uses a lot of memory when it has a lot of data loaded.
Christian Studer   2007-10-09 12:56
Sounds like an issue with the application, to make sure check if you still have the problem if you close UltraMon before launching the application.

Christian Studer -
Sean   2007-11-27 04:07
I am getting this error in the 2.7.1 version as well as the beta now.

"faulting module rtsultramonhook.dll, version, fault address 0x00019274."

I have just the smart taskbar option enabled on the install.
Sean   2007-11-27 04:22
I did a complete uninstall and reinstall of the app but am still getting this error. I also went through and selected all the features to install.
Christian Studer   2007-11-27 10:03
With what application do you get this error?

Christian Studer -
Igor   2009-12-30 18:10
I have similar issue with rtsultramonhook.dll crashing my firefox when I try to write anything on Facebook.

Ultramon's rtsultramonhook.dll only make Firefox crash on Facebook though.

Not that I am an abusive user of FB, but the two times I tried to send a "long" message to someone, Firefox crashed, and the ssue was related to rtsultramonhook.dll

This problem can be recreated very easily, just try to type a long message to someone. I think you really have to type it, not sur eif it would crash as well if I just copy paste.
Christian Studer   2009-12-31 00:09
Which version of UltraMon, Windows and Firefox are you using?

Christian Studer -
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