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Kirm   2006-01-28 00:30
As the title says, my desktop icons have suddenly moved to my other monitor, and i cant seem to get them back to their original positions. Anyone else have this problem?
As far as i know i am using the latest version of Ultramon.
Christian Studer   2006-01-28 07:47
You can move the icons to the other monitor with the mouse, just select them all then drag the whole group over to the other monitor.

Christian Studer -
paul   2006-11-09 07:54
I have the same problem. However having to move them every day because their position is NOT being saved is a real hassle.
Christian Studer   2006-11-09 08:35
UltraMon and other applications support saving icon positions, see the FAQ for more on this.

Christian Studer -
Matt   2007-05-06 02:30
Same issue here. Any icons that were on the 2nd monitor go back to the first. I can't move them back, restoring icons doesn't help either (yes, I saved the positions first).

This happens on both profiles on this PC.
ecarlson   2007-05-06 02:35
Did you turn off Auto-Arrange?

- Eric,
Davo   2007-06-11 13:37
Did you turn off Auto-Arrange?

So having the Auto-Arrange turned on stops the icons going to the second monitor? I had Auto-Arrange turn on for a while without trouble but not it doesn't work.
ecarlson   2007-06-16 04:40
Auto-arrange will automatically arrange all your icons to the left side of your desktop, whichever monitor that happens to be, so you have no control over which monitor they are on, or where they are located.

I don't use auto-arrange, because I want to be able to put my icons wherever I want (though I still use align to grid, so they are nice and evenly spaced and properly aligned).

- Eric,
ecarlson   2007-06-16 04:54
Oops, spoke too soon. Correction: I just tried Auto-Arrange again (since I had already messed up my icon placements, and had to redo them anyway), and, for me, it auto-arranges the icons to the left side of whichever monitor they are currently on.

So, it looks like if you are using regular Windows Extended Desktop mode, you can use auto-arrange and still have icons on each monitor.

Not sure if it is video driver specific, but I am running XP/SP2 with a Matrox G450 and recent Matrox drivers and Matrox QuickDesk to drive a 19" LCD and a 19" CRT.

- Eric,
Minada   2007-06-26 03:36

I'm having the same issue ...

I have 2 monitors :
- Iiyama LS902UT, 19" 1600x1200
- Samsung 275T, 27" 1920x1200

The 19" monitor is on the left, the 27" on the right.
The 27" is the primary monitor and the 19" is the secondary (I want full screen applications to start on the 27" and every other applications on the 19").
I placed my icons on the 19", but every time I reboot / open file browser / actualize icons and some other actions that to my opinion shouldn't be related to desktop icons, they go back on the 27" monitor.

I guess that's because the secondary monitor is to the left of the primary monitor and so has coordinates from -1600 to -1, but I don't know how to solve that.
Ultramon didn't.

Do somebody have an idea on this ?
ecarlson   2007-06-28 07:48
I never had a problem in XP Pro with my icons staying on the secondary monitor with the primary monitor being on the right. Though I don't have UltraMon.

- Eric,
Marcos   2009-03-30 12:10
To keep your icons from going back to the default monitor when you reboot, there is a registry setting called NoOfOldWorkAreas. Maybe this should help.

Now if only I knew how to make new icons appear on a secondary display (when saving a file to the desktop).
DAP   2011-07-20 07:03
I on the other hand, have all my desktop icons stop going where I want them. I don't have auto arrange on(never did). I think they have an issue with monitors arranged at corners, which I do so that I don't swap monitors on accident as often.
DAP   2011-07-20 07:04
I am also having an issue where the top of my screen is getting cut off just a bit.
Bharath   2012-08-28 11:47
Hey Guys, even I had the same issue, fixed it by changing to duplicate display option and then change back to extended display again. Works fine now, now sure about what triggered the issue.
insoptivos   2013-08-20 16:00
That worked like a charm! Thank you so very much. My Dell Inspiron laptop is my "primary" with a 17" Dell monitor to the left as a secondary. Everything was set properly until the latest Windows updates, but I opened the Nvidia Control panel, clicked the "same" option and after preview declined the accept: the screens went black, blinked and came back with the desktop background and icons on the laptop where they are supposed to be - so simple. :)
Cheeky-Cockey   2013-10-03 04:57
I found that the problem persisted when you change resolution of the secondary display (I flick between a secondary monitor and my TV as a secondary display and change the TV resolution from 1080 to match that of my monitors at 1050). Desktop shortcuts would be on my primary display and then change to my TV when I changed the resolution. I fixed this by right clicking on desktop, view and unchecking 'Align To Grid'.
Joe   2015-05-30 04:51
I had the same issue as the last post with my TV. Un-checking "Align icons to grid" worked perfectly! Thank you!!
Mariano   2016-06-01 05:37
Sorry, I did the trick and it does not work. I have three screens, left, right and center, where center is the main laptop's screen. I have only the option to duplicate screens 1 (main) and 2 (right). After I did the trick, icons came back to left monitor. Too bad.....

williamCorg   2017-11-11 18:03
I had the same problem. All my desktop icons migrated to my second monitor (larger in size than 1st monitor) at a sudden. I didn't do anything wrong, except I changed my 2nd monitor's resolution to something higher than what I already had on my 1st monitor. So, if your 2nd monitor is bigger in size than your 1st monitor, then make the resolution similar to your 1st monitor or something lower, NOT higher.

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