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jk358   2006-03-22 11:56
I would like to run a screensaver on the secondary monitor, even when the primary monitor is in use. Is there a way to disable the secondary monitor, but have it play a screensaver while the main monitor is being used?

We would like to wall mount the second monitor and have it run as moving art on the wall. We have one computer in the room, so it makes sense to have this second monitor run off the existing computer.

Will videosaver do this? If not, is there an easier way to accomplish this?


Christian Studer   2006-03-23 07:17
UltraMon or VideoSaver don't support this directly.

What you could do is run a screen saver manually on the secondary monitor via the UltraMon Screen Saver Player add-on for UltraMon.

Please note that the screen saver player only works with screen savers which have a live preview mode, for example VideoSaver isn't supported because it doesn't have a live preview mode.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> VideoSaver -> Screensaver on Multiple Monitors

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