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Ronald Jeffries   2006-05-17 13:43
I tried UM again today, got it mirroring my Tablet and handling the screen inversion. Paid for it.

I notice now these issues:

Tooltips do not appear on the mirrored screen;

When TextPad pops up its floating search dialog, it does not appear on the mirrored screen.

In Alias SketchBook Pro, when you press on one of its magic menu icons, the entire Windows TaskBar leaps up and to the right, leaving black underneath it, and obscuring the menu popup items. This menu is a graphical thing such that if you touch an icon, a half-dozen other icons appear around it ... you draw your pen through one and lift the pen, and that icon's action is executed.

The first two are livable -- the third is very bad, as it makes SketchBook unusable when UM is running. If I turn UM's mirroring off, the problem goes away. If I turn it back on, the problem returns.

Advice, please? Thanks!

Ronald E Jeffries
Christian Studer   2006-05-18 08:27
Tooltips: this is a limitation of UltraMon mirroring, currently there is no fix for this.

TextPad: is this the regular Find dialog? I tested with version 4.7.3, the Find dialog you get when selecting Search > Find from the menu did get mirrored correctly.

SketchBook Pro: I've been able to reproduce this issue, will be fixed in the next release if possible.

Christian Studer -
Ronald Jeffries   2006-05-18 14:03
Tooltips: bummer, sometimes they're useful.

Textpad: works if the dialog is not semi-transparent, doesn't work if it is. I'll just leave it non-transparent for now.

Sketchbook -- glad you could reproduce. Thanks. Drop me a note if you can fix it and have time.

Thanks again,

Ronald E Jeffries
Christian Studer   2006-05-19 09:35
I've been able to reproduce the issue with TextPad if the transparent dialog boxes option is enabled, will also look into this for the next release.

Christian Studer -
Ronald Jeffries   2006-05-19 12:33
Great, thanks. Mostly it's working. Other odd things ... videos often don't play on the mirrored screen, for example, but I suspect that's a known issue.

Ronald E Jeffries
Christian Studer   2006-05-20 05:17
This happens if the video player uses either video overlays or the 3D functionality of the video card for rendering.

You would need to disable those features via mirroring options (disable video overlays and 3D acceleration), but this can cause problems for some video players, and will result in decreased performance, especially for fullscreen video.

Christian Studer -
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