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Keith Martin   2006-05-23 20:14
I'm trying to stretch a video over two monitors that i am playing using windows media player classic.

When i press the button which spreads it over the two monitors only one half of the video is viewable, the other half is black.

Is there a way to stretch the video over both monitors and be playable.

multor   2006-06-04 20:44
did you find a solution to display a video on 2 screens ?
Josh   2006-06-05 04:31
This is a limitation of your video card. Most cards only support video overlay on one screen at a time. To resolve this you can go out and buy a much more expensive card. (Usually not Nvidia or ATI as these cards are targeted at gamers and rarely support this)

Alternativly you could use diffrent programs. Some programs like winamp don't display video in the normal way and as such it should be possible to play a video in winamp and WMP on two separate screens at the same time. I'm unsure if you can actuallyget winamp to run across both screens though. The only way it may be possible if you display one screen with WMP and one screen with winamp and then sync it up. Essentially, its just not supported.
n3twork   2006-06-11 14:50

Best media player there is
Thomas   2006-06-13 01:40
And use the OpenGL Output module of VLC ;)
Duj   2006-06-17 07:20
iv just got 2 17" lcd screens, iv had it working with Win DVD on both monitors and a perfect play back, and i watch armageddon, iv turned it off now, and went to watch another dvd and i cant do it again :(

cant get AVI's with windows media player nor winamp to work

is there any good players out there that will allow me to use both monitors for play back :/

have 1 black screen when fullscreened kinda sucks hehe!!!!!

games seem to work fine in 2560 by 1024 res

my system is

3500+ 64Bit
Nvidia 7600GS + 2 SLI
2Gb Corsair XMS 3200

any help would be awesome thanx :)

DS   2006-06-18 12:16
Does anyone know in VLC how to turn on full screen when viewing accross two monitors? At the moment I can view a video on two screens by manually resizing the window, but this leaves the control bars at the top and bottom of the image. If I use the "view full screen" option, it maximises it on one screen only. Thanks in advance!
Dan Morrison   2006-06-19 01:56
As it is indeed the acceleration overlays that are causing this, the solutions here may help. (it solves the same problem)

Another way is to FIRST open up another instance of a player that uses overlays, then overtop open the big window you want to view. The first player has 'captured' the overlay layer, and the second player falls back to software rendering.

(I can't test as I'm visiting the forum just to troubleshoot my own problem :)

MatrixV   2006-06-20 12:03
I have written a DVD playback software which can provide multi-mon functions, such as span/clone/select screens in your PC system. It supports Microsoft Windows directshow(DirectX 7 or above) platform. If anyone has interest in testing it, please let me know.

MatrixV (
Athlon   2006-06-21 14:08
It's a very awesome software, now I can use it watching widescreen HDTV on my 4 LCDs, wow..
but if it can play other media files (divx....) ?
MatrixV   2006-07-05 16:11
Now it can play most media files but you must install appropriate codec first. You can download its demo version here.

Seahorse   2006-07-06 04:24
That really is impressive - except for the massic MatrixV logo on the screen...;)

Dead-Fish.Com Deep sea Daddies...
Shawn   2006-07-07 12:59
Really impressive, and it's exactly what I am looking for.
How many monitors can it support? And can I use it to display video pictures on my 3x3 screens wall?

MatrixV   2006-07-08 04:26
In fact, there is no limitation on number of monitors that MatrixDvD can support, it just depands on your OS configuration on multiple monitors.
You can use this software to driver your video wall of any size, the only requirement is that your PC should have enough computing power.

Jimmy   2006-07-10 11:55
Does MatrixDvD support multiple DvD movies?

MatrixV   2006-07-12 16:57
Not yet on current version, but we will consider to implement it on next version.

X@ND!N@T3R   2006-07-29 04:50
being able to drag files into the player would be nice. As would a playlist feature
MatrixV   2006-07-30 14:24
This will be added into next version soon.

Thanks for your testing.

Alex Du   2006-08-07 02:59
Wonderful thing, it's really what I am looking for!
I think the video rendering filter for DirectShow might make much more sence than the DvD player itself.
Batour   2006-08-07 18:58
Microsoft VMR9 already supports multi monitors already, why this?
MatrixV   2006-08-08 13:11
Microsoft DirectShow rendering filter including VMR7 and VMR9 does not support video display acrossing two or more monitors because it just uses only one hardware overlay surface at the same time.

Jaxikia   2006-08-10 21:23
Has any guy tested this software over 16 monitors?

Jaxikia Montina
Alex Du   2006-08-19 12:35
I used MatrixV player over 8 monitors by two 4-head ATI Fire MV , that's OK.
Brian Kirk   2006-08-25 11:50
Using My nvidia GeForce4 Ti 4200 with dual display capability I was able to stretch the desktop across both computer screens so it appears to Windows that the screen is 2560x1024. Then inside VLC I turned on OpenGL and set the Aspect Ratio to 4:3 and the Crop to 221:100, this gave me the smallest amount of black space, on top and bottem without losing any of the video. I still have about 1 inch on each screen that is black on the sides, if anyone knows how to fill it that would be great, if not I can live with this.

The only other questions is can I have windows set up for 1280x1024 and two displays, I prefer that for everything other than video. And have the VLC still display on both monitors when I click fullscreen?

Thank you,
Alexander   2006-08-26 13:29
I have 2xgeforce 7900 gtx and I am using 3 lcd's.
Viewing dvd's spanned over dual monitor with Powerdvd 7 works and with MatrixDVD too. But
I tried to span over 3 lcd monitors with aspect ratio setting: "widescreen" but I got an error message. Can anyone help me?
MatrixV   2006-08-26 17:35
What was the error message?

Zero Ice   2006-09-10 21:01

How can I make a video wall? (3x3) What soft and hardware?
peter   2006-09-19 00:48

I tried the matrixDVD software, but every time I try to play a DVD I get this message

Key exchange for DVD copy protection failed.
Can't playback this DVD-Video disc.

extra info:
-I can play the DVD with WMP (on one screen only)
-I can play movie files from my hard disc with matrixDVD
-I live in Europe (don't know if there is an issue with region code)

thank you,
Jimmy   2006-09-19 13:05
It might be due to your directX version, is solution.
Paul   2006-09-28 01:49
I just installed matrix player too, and it seems like it might be the answer i have been looking for for a while, but i am getting the copy protection problem too.

I have the latest version of direct x
Paul   2006-09-28 02:15
I can also now get VLC to play dvds over both monitors (by turning overlay off), but it won't stream the dolby or dts through my optical out properly.
Skizo   2006-10-15 19:27
I have three suggestions for you:


Wichall   2006-10-18 10:14
I am having the same key exhcange problem and have tried 9.0b and 9.0c versions, otherwise fantastic software! Really pisses me off how if you use overlay in any media player it only plays it on one screen though, without overlay it's so much more flickery
Field   2006-11-13 16:17
I think the MatrixDvD has some issues on AMD platform.
Jamison   2007-08-10 00:46
Matrix DVD is ok. But I'm looking to have the video stretch in all directions (FULL SCREEN) for both of my 24" monitors. I want to see video from corner to corner. Is that possible?
Jman   2007-11-28 12:10
Dude... you are freaking amazing ive been searching for days for something like this. that's awesome. And it stretch it across corner to corner right click on the screen and de-select 'keep aspect ratio'
Robin   2008-02-17 03:25
Setting up the correct aspect ratio for HD video running on two matrixed 1366x768 plasma monitors
Slackmaster K   2008-02-17 13:33
I've been able to play video spanned across any combination of monitors just fine since I upgraded to Vista. Unfortunately, WMP is crashy and WinAmp won't stretch wider than 1650px on my system.
Dirk   2008-08-04 20:05
MatrixDVD Player is really cool to quickly set up a video-wall!

My only problem is to get a non-demo version: The author does not reply to my mails and the version I bought at for 69 USD is exactly the free demo :-(
Dodukou   2008-08-29 01:41
the version you bought is not the release version???
Kite   2008-08-31 00:50
I have downloaded it, a very funny software.
I am confused why Windows Media Player cannot add these options.
Holk   2008-09-02 19:19
Good work, I was looking for this software for long time, but their website is too simple, and also I cannot visit the from matrixdvd's logo.

Guess   2008-09-03 16:41
Is there any other software like this?
James   2008-09-03 23:46
Please try CineMassive Media Player.
Lunix   2008-09-05 00:22
ft, I ccannot find its link for try.
Tony   2008-09-18 13:29
MatrixDVD is an awesome player.
Does anyone make it supporting quicktime movies?
Its author said it really does.
I'm trying to play but a message says that i have no codec installed. However, my quicktime pro is already installed.

Thanks any advice.
MatrixV   2008-09-26 20:45
MatrixDvD Player 2.0b was released.
Now you can download it from our website.

Matrix Video Technology
Kasiya   2008-09-27 02:17
Ding, good work.
Joyo Alen   2008-10-02 18:22
Thank MatrixV.
MatrixDvD is really the first software player I've found which can display video across multiple monitors. I think this is a nice and cheap solution for Digital Signage and other video wall applications.

Joyo Alen
Jack T   2008-11-24 04:12
I have just downloaded the matrix DVD player. Was really looking forward to playing about with it and testing etc...How ever when ever I try and play a video through it it says I do not have to correct codecs..can anyone point me towards a codec pack that will work?

Jack T
dvocalist   2008-11-25 04:37
hey ppl i have the matrixdvd player and lovin it but 2 things, can anyone tell me where to get codecs from and has anyone got the acvtive key to get rid of the water mark, thanks
Drock   2008-12-10 05:24
So I went and Dl'ed the Matrix player and installed. Hoping it would end my greiviences that ive had about video playback spanning across 2 LCD's. It was unsucessful im still only getting half of the video playback across the 2 monitors. Anyone have a clue why? Ifso pls responding been wrestling this for weeks
Tim   2009-01-10 17:37
Yes, it can work on files, but crash when playing DVD.
Carlos   2009-02-27 07:16
Two questions:

1. Is there a way change the aspect ratio in matrixDVD player?

2. In VLC media player, if I choose OpenGL I get a messed up image, is there something else i need to do?
Carlos   2009-02-27 07:40
something else...
can i do this stretch thing with my tv tuner image?
Slackmaster K   2009-03-09 15:58
FWIW, the Magnifier that comes with Windows 7 magnifies the total desktop area, not some useless little box like it used to. Therefore I can play a video and even some games stretched across SIX MONITORS!
Pavel   2009-03-12 03:34
What soft can show video on 4 or more monitors? somebody trying this?
Helix   2009-04-13 21:17
has anybody tested it?
JaquesHaas   2009-10-04 21:22
You could also use Movie Spanner from Gizmoware:
Matt   2009-11-23 19:26
Yo yo,

Here is what you need to know !

Overlay is the reason videos on certain players & some games will not work with both monitors at one time across dual screen.

Overlay is a performance feature and helps for the smoother running of the picture on the screen.


You can turn this off..
To do so on Windows Media Classic follow this simple guide;

Open the program
View -> Options
Under -Playback select 'Output'
Under DirectShow Video Choose 'VMR9 (renderless) **'
Make sure 'RealMedia Video' & 'QuickTime Video' Are set to System Default.
Surface : 3D Surfaces
Resizer : Bilinear
No Direct3D Fullscreen
Tick VMR9 mixed mode.
Do not tick anything else.

Restart the application & you should be able to play across dual monitors.

For winamp;
Options -> Preferences
UNCHECK "Allow hardware video Overlay"

You should straight away be able to play across both screens.

And if you have Real Alternative, you can use this to play all your RMVB / RM files with Windows media classic dual screen too!! :D hoorah

I had this problem for a while.

Feel free to thank me, I know i'm a legend

packeteers   2009-11-23 20:33
Matt - I'm very grateful you resurrect this old thread (which I failed to find before posting a new thread) for me to review, and outlining your step by step solution. unfortunately both media classic nor winamp (using your settings) solved any of my problems viewing various common video file formats. I'll be upgrading my old DVI+VGA 7300gt to a new DVI+DVI 9500gt late Wednesday, and will post if this new card alone, or by also following your sage advice, allows me to play a video two screens wide. I sure hope so - as it would postpone my need to invest another $600 in a 37" 120mhz 1080p LCD HDTV.
MIchael   2011-05-10 21:23
Hi i got 2x Dell U3011 30" montors and 1x ASUS EN-GTX480 video card im running them both in 2560x1600 32bit mode.. i got DF pro installed for me wallpapers so it displays 1 pics span across the 2 monitors i dont know if thats a factor or not but i cant get any player to display me avi's or mkv's across both monitors
as in making two 30" monitors act as 1 60" monitor...
MIchael   2011-05-10 21:48
this is in reference to me previous post: i just installed UltraMon latest and all me programs does the same thing either haven untramom or displayfusion installed... cant get me 2 monitors to act as 1 monitor for video & audio playback
Dave   2011-05-11 07:26

After searching and searching and trying the VLC player (a nightmare imho which crashes, where you must use an old version, and is nearly impossible to loop) I have found a very good solution - albeit it will cost you $60. It's called the Zoom player, works in Windows 7. You can download the Home Max version below (you must get the max version to use a video wall) and then follow the instructions below as well. It only took me 10 minutes to get my video wall working. Good luck.


Video wall instructions:

MIchael   2011-05-14 02:33
Ok Dav i did all that what ya said above
but it still only gives me a 2560 picture even tho i got it all setup in zoomplayer max
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Zoom Player\zplayer.exe" /X:0 /Y:0 /W:5120 /H:1600

it gives me the width in zoomplayer window but the picture it self is only 2560 haLf on one side and half on the other.. but i wanted it to fill the screen with 5120x1600 picture.. how do i get it to do that ?
MIchael   2011-05-24 16:13
So no one has an answer to my question above ?
RicoS   2011-08-16 16:36
@MIchael if you are using only 2 monitors

change from:

/W:5120 /H:1600
/W:2560 /H:1600
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