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Jeff Atwood   2006-09-05 20:11
Long time UltraMon fan, just installed Vista RC1. The Smart Taskbars work, but the button text is black on black (!).

Can we get a quick patch to change the Smart Taskbar text to white? I'm dying without a usable taskbar on each of my three monitors!

Thanks again Christian for all your great work. I am proudly a registered user of UltraMon and I have mentioned it many times in my blog (Coding Horror).

Jeff Atwood
Christian Studer   2006-09-06 08:37
Will be considered for 2.7, but I would only implement this if it's an easy fix as I have no plans for major Vista compatibility work for the 2.7 release.

Christian Studer -
Christian Studer   2006-09-06 08:39
As a workaround, you could disable visual themes for UltraMonTaskbar.exe, the option is under properties for the file on the compatibility tab.

Christian Studer -
Jeff Atwood   2006-09-06 16:15
Hi Christian,

Thanks for the workaround! That's good enough for now.

One suggestion: I wish the clickable area for the Smart Taskbar buttons extended all the way to the bottom of the screen, which has "infinite height" (eg the mouse stops at the bottom). Visually you can draw the buttons however, just make sure the clickable area goes to the bottom. The normal Windows Taskbar buttons work this way too.

I can't believe Vista doesn't allow me to extend the taskbar to multiple monitors.. sigh.. when will Microsoft ever get it right?

Christian Studer   2006-09-07 04:30
Do you mean clicking below the button still activates the button? I tested on both XP and Vista 5472, but the Windows taskbar also didn't support this.

I tested with default settings, let me know if a specific setting needs to be activated to get this behavior.

Christian Studer -
Sandman   2006-09-17 14:58
Yes, the Windows taskbar on both Windows XP SP2 and Vista (RC1) both exhibit infinite height.

So does Ultramon (2.6.23), well at least it does on my machine...
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