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Al   2006-09-30 14:02
Having a problem getting UltraMon screen saver to work for not logged on user (.DEFAULT).

The Microsoft Video Screen Saver (and others) works perfectly for logged on users but when logged off the video does not show on screen. I know is activating and playing though because the audio from it is coming through.

I have tried standard screen savers that come with Win XP as well and although they too activate, i.e. the login prompt goes away as expected, but they don’t display on the screen.

The video screen saver, as well as the others, work fine when logged off if set as the windows screen saver rather than UltraMon. So I know the screen saver(s) work when not logged on. But just can’t figure out why when playing under UltraMon the video won’t display.
Christian Studer   2006-10-01 09:26
Did you test the following configuration:

Beziers on the primary monitor, 'preview mode' option checked, Mystify on the secondary monitor

This worked fine for me as the default screen saver (no user logged on). I tested with UltraMon 2.6 on Windows XP SP2.

The default screen saver was set up as described in this thread.

Christian Studer -
Al   2006-10-01 10:42
That’s the procedure used. Below are the registry settings. I’ve tried with standard WinXP savers such as beziers and mystify as you suggested. With and without preview mode as well. They all behave the same, they activate but don’t display. Audio from video saver can be heard so I know it's playing but it’s not displayed.

ThinkPad T43
ATI Mobility Radeon X300

[HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\Screen Saver]
"1"="C:\\WINNT\\system32\\Video Screen Saver.scr"
"Background Color"=dword:00000000
"Primary in Preview Mode"=dword:00000000
"Disable Secondary Monitors"=dword:00000000
"Advanced Mode"=dword:00000000

[HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop]

[HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Video Screensaver]
"ProductName"="Microsoft Video Screensaver"
"PlayFolder"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Documents\\My Videos\\ScreenSaverVideos"

[HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Screen Saver.Slideshow]
"ImageDirectory"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Documents\\My Pictures\\Screen Saver Slide Show"
Christian Studer   2006-10-02 01:57
Please try the following:

under the settings for the UltraMon screen saver, delete values 1 and 2, then change Background Color to 255 (decimal).

After doing this, UltraMon should cover the desktop with a red window when the screen saver comes on. Does this happen on your system?

Christian Studer -
Al   2006-10-02 06:47
No change, the desktop background color (0 78 152) stays.

Don't know if this matters but the mouse nor keyboard are able to break out of UltraMon screen saver. Only Ctrl-Alt-Del will break out of the UM screen saver.

Upgraded to UM 2.7, no change.
Christian Studer   2006-10-02 10:03
Do you have security software installed which interacts with the logon screen, or a network client which replaces the default logon screen?

Christian Studer -
Al   2006-10-02 10:20
It is a commpany supported system and member of a domain. So posibly. Though I don't think that should matter since the screen savers work fine when not logged on if configured to run natively rather than under UltrMon.scr control.

Such as like this:
[HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop]
Christian Studer   2006-10-03 09:42
Please try the following for further troubleshooting:

download GetDesktopName.exe, then configure SCRNSAVE.EXE to run GetDesktopName.exe.

Let me know what you get as the desktop name.

Christian Studer -
Al   2006-10-03 10:24
User With Admin. Priv.
Windows: Desktop name: Screen-saver
UltraMon: Desktop name: Screen-saver

.Default User (not logged on)
Windows: Desktop name: Winlogon
UltraMon: (does not display any message)
Christian Studer   2006-10-03 10:51
Thanks for the information.

I have now been able to reproduce the issue, happens if you're not using the Welcome screen (Control Panel > User Accounts > Change the way users log on or off).

Will be fixed in 2.7.1 later this week or next week.

Christian Studer -
Al   2006-10-03 11:54
Cool. I sort of thought it may have something to do with being member of domain. i.e. no logon welcome / fast user switching screen.

Looking forward to the update. If you want me to give it a quick test beforehand let me know.
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