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David   2006-10-03 05:06
I am running UltraMon on a Windows XP x64 machine with two monitors connected to a NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX:

1) After installing UltraMon 2.7.0 yesterday, whenever I connect through Remote Desktop (and UltraMon is supposed to collapse to a single monitor), I only get one application showing in the Windows taskbar, and all the others do not appear at all. I can only move from application to application by clicking Alt+Tab as the taskbar is completely unusable. This problem is entirely due to version 2.7.0, as when I was using 2.6.23 the taskbar worked perfectly under Remote Desktop. I need a solution as I use the Remote Desktop a lot, or instructions on how to revert to the previous version without loosing my settings.

2) Under the new version I still get the problem that the first time I Remote Desktop to the machine the full-coloured background appears even if Remote Desktop has been configured to ignore it. If I log out and Remote Desktop again, it behaves correctly in showing only a blue background. This is hence not much of a problem, but it shows UltraMon is not behaving well with Remote Desktop.

Thank you for your time.
Christian Studer   2006-10-03 10:05
1) this is indeed a new issue in 2.7.0, should be fixed in the next minor update later this week or next week.

Workaround: close UltraMon when you're connected remotely.

2) I can't reproduce this issue, here's how I tested:

- first I logged in locally at the remote system (as administrator). The remote system was running Windows XP x64

- then I connected to the remote system via Remote Desktop, with 'Desktop background' unchecked on the Experience tab

- the desktop was blank (default desktop color) instead of the wallpaper configured via UltraMon

Christian Studer -
David Brownell   2006-10-03 14:49
I am having this same problem running Windows XP SP2 (not x64) and NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200. Note that in my case no applications appear in the taskbar.

Steps to reproduce:

- Start locally (as user with admin rights)
- Open multiple applications (all visible in the taskbar)
- Remote Desktop to machine

Note that the taskbar is empty. As expected, closing Ultramon makes all the applications appear on the task bar.
Jeff Clark   2006-10-04 01:55
Same here. I'm logged in as an admin on both the machine I'm connecting to and the machine I'm connecting from. No applications appear in the taskbar when connected remotely. I've seen this on 2 machines. Both are WinXP SP2 (not x64, all the latest updates). One is a Radeon x850 and the other is the built in Intel 82865G graphics controller.

If I can run a test that would help you (since you said you can't reproduce the problem) let me know.
Christian Studer   2006-10-04 10:04
The taskbar issue is a confirmed bug in 2.7.0, but I haven't been able to reproduce the wallpaper issue mentioned by the original poster.

Christian Studer -
David   2006-10-05 05:04
How did you test the wallpaper issue? Was the wallpaper defined in the Display Properties Display tab or through nView Desktop Manager?
Christian Studer   2006-10-05 06:08
The wallpaper was configured via UltraMon (UltraMon menu > Wallpaper).

Christian Studer -
Jeff Clark   2006-10-05 14:11
Ahh..I see. I misread your response. I also set my wallpaper via Ultramon's menu. I haven't seen the issue where the wallpaper shows up in Remote Desktop.
David   2006-10-11 21:30
I have now tested Remote Desktop with the wallpaper configured through UltraMon instead of nView and it seems to work: the wallpaper is not shown :)

I believe you can consider issue 2 resolved (its nView that does not seem to work well with RD).

As for issue 1, any timetable as to when we are going to get the taskbar back?

I have also found another problem:

3) Since I have installed version 2.7.0, sometimes (I am afraid that I cannot reproduce it consistently) one of the Windows Explorer windows I have open does not show when I Remote Desktop to the computer. I can close it using Alt+F4 once I use Alt+Tab to make it active, but I have no way to get it back properly. Any ideas? By the way, the window that gets "hidden" can be in any of the two monitors.
Christian Studer   2006-10-13 03:03
2.7.1 is now available for download.

My guess would be that the Explorer issue is due to something else, when connecting remotely the windows get moved by Windows, UltraMon doesn't get involved with this.

I also haven't seen the issue myself so far, but have only tested a couple of times.

Christian Studer -
Jim Herr   2006-10-13 03:16
I came back to to download an older version to fix my missing icon problems this morning and was pleased to find that 2.7.1 was released that addresses this problem. I installed it and the issue was resolved for me.

Interestingly, when I upgraded from my older version to 2.7.0, it maintained my registration code through the upgrade. When I upgraded from 2.7.0 to 2.7.1, I had to dig up my code and enter it manually as it was not remembered.

Thanks for the quick fix!
Christian Studer   2006-10-13 03:30
Unfortunately I don't know what might cause this, also haven't seen this issue myself so far.

Christian Studer -
David   2006-10-13 05:09
Well, I can also confirm the Taskbar issue is fixed now. Thanks.

As for 3, the problem occurs once every 5 or 7 log-ins through Remote Desktop to only one window. It can happen both to primary- and secondary-monitor windows.
Christian Studer   2006-10-13 10:09
Does the hidden window still have a taskbar button?

Christian Studer -
David   2006-10-19 00:03
Yes, the window does have a taskbar button.
Christian Studer   2006-10-19 08:20
For further troubleshooting, please download ActiveWndInfo.exe and create a 'Run application or script' hotkey under UltraMon Options > Hotkeys which runs ActiveWndInfo.exe.

When you get this issue the next time, activate the hidden application by clicking on its task button, then press the hotkey which launches ActiveWndInfo.exe.

ActiveWndInfo.exe collects information about the active window and writes it to a file. Please post the contents of the generated log file here.

Christian Studer -
Bhargavi   2006-10-25 16:56
run this file on the computer.

Issue should be resolved.

bhargavi A
David   2006-10-26 20:06

The results of the executable you sent me are:

HWND: 0x00A303FA
Title: Flipping Web Fixer-Uppers - June 1, 2006 - Microsoft Internet Explorer
Class: IEFrame
Visible: 1
Enabled: 1
Style: 0x16cf0000
ExStyle: 0x00000100
Rect Wnd: -32000,-32000 - -31840,-31973
Rect Client: 0,0 - 152,0

Parent window is desktop.

No owner window.

Let me know if you need further information.
Christian Studer   2006-10-27 08:56
Thanks for the information.

My guess would be that this isn't related to UltraMon, I don't see how UltraMon could cause the window to get positioned/resized like this.

The window is moved completely offscreen (you would never have a monitor with those coordinates), and has been resized to zero width and height.

Christian Studer -
David   2006-10-27 13:33

Yet the problem only started happening after I installed UltraMon...
Christian Studer   2006-10-28 09:20
You could uninstall UltraMon to verify if the issue is related to UltraMon.

I would only be able to help you further though if I'm able to reproduce the issue myself.

If you find out anything else, for example it happens if you have both UltraMon and another application running, let me know and I'll look into it.

Christian Studer -
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