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Rudy Labordus   2007-02-06 12:22
I just bought videosaver so I could run an avi file of fish across 4 screens as if it was one big fishtank (so 1/4 of the image on each screen). I'm just testing it on 2 screens before setting it up on 4, but I can't even get it working on 2 screens.

I've installed it but can only get the same image duplicated on each screen. I've tried flicking between monitor and desktop in the settings but it makes no difference.

I do already have my desktop spread across the two screens and I can get standard windows screensaver to spread across two screens. Actually, even the test logo that comes up when you first start videosaver goes across the two screens. So it all looks set up right.

Any ideas?

My set up is as follows:
Ultramon (tried turning it off as well - no difference)
Win XP 2002v2
AMD Athlon 64x2Dual Core 3800 2Ghz 3Gig Ram
ATI Rage Theatre Video NSP Video card
2 x Samsung 19" SyncMaster 930bf monitors

Many thanks
Christian Studer   2007-02-07 10:05
When playing the video in Windows Media Player, does it also get played fullscreen on the secondary monitor?

Christian Studer -
Mark   2010-12-06 11:34
I am considering purchasing videosaver with ultramon and I'm having the same problem.

Video's play on one screen only when played in full screen in media player.
Christian Studer   2010-12-07 07:37
VideoSaver can't help with this, you're looking for the video card's video mirroring feature, see When playing a video, it is also shown fullscreen on the other monitor for more on this.

Christian Studer -
JR   2011-05-10 13:25
I have been using Videosaver for a while and have had no problems stretching WMV across two monitors until recently. Maybe a Win 7 update or something has the video playing in the middle ! Trying to fix but no go.
Christian Studer   2011-05-11 09:21
Haven't seen this myself so far, what are the size and style settings for the video?

Christian Studer -
JR   2011-05-28 07:33
Hi Christian,

I have re installed Ultramon & Screensaver on Win 7 64 bit. Playlist Defaults are Size = Maximized, Style = Desktop. I have a few WMV video files that used to work great. Now the video just plays center of dual monitors.

Please advise.



Christian Studer   2011-05-29 09:28
Changing the size setting for the video on the Playlist tab to Full Screen should fix the problem.

Maximized will stretch the video as much as possible without distorting it, Full Screen will stretch it to the full size of the monitor or desktop even if this causes the video to get distorted.

Christian Studer -
JR   2011-06-02 12:47
Cristian, Thanks!
Here is what happened: Nvidia 8800 GT was in early stages of failure and then died. Replaced with ATI Radeon HD 6750.
Videosaver is working flawlessly again!


Christian Studer   2011-06-03 08:05
Thanks for the update, glad to hear it's working again.

Christian Studer -
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