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Curt   2007-03-13 06:33
Is there a way to display the Windows clock on both taskbars? I would like to be able to see the clock on my secondary taskbar when I am playing a full screen game on my main window.

With some games, I can just hit the Windows Key on the keyboard and have it show the taskbar and the clock, but for some games hitting the Windows Key causes the games to crash, so a clock on each taskbar would be ideal.

Thanks in advance.
Col   2007-05-20 21:49
There is a small free program which allows you to put a clock anywhere on the second screen.
I think it was called "clockz" with a z but i lost the url.
Some one here may know the program.
It also allowed you to alter/make your own clock.
Christian Studer   2007-05-21 10:30
A clock for the UltraMon taskbar is planned for UltraMon 3.

Christian Studer -
JEns   2007-05-21 17:51
y dont play on the "taskbar-less" screen?

Col   2007-05-27 05:01
I have now found this -
It may help you.
rob   2007-06-21 07:31
I found this free clock program that works well.
You can place the clock anywhere on the destop including the taskbar.

stephen   2014-03-27 13:52
And 7 years later.. 1 clock? :[
Jan   2015-09-21 08:54

i vote also for a clock on every taskbar, please after so many years this feature should be realised.

It should be a huge programming task :).

Multi Monitor Freak   2015-11-06 08:55
I've got 6 monitors. Need way better options from windows for their taskbars.

That said, the DSClock from Duality Software (link in post above) is quite nice. Virus free and only using 0.6MB of ram. Highly customizable and free!
Multi Monitor Freak   2015-11-06 09:02
If you use DS Clock, you might wanna right click the clock and choose "Disable Sounds". Otherwise you get a chime on the hour... I set mine up right before noon, and as 12PM, it played a long & loud sound... pretty sure i've heard it on youtube, I think it might be the default for actually, lol.
Blake   2015-11-20 21:11
Here is a link for free dual monitor taskbar:

(I have 3 monitors, puts a full functioning taskbar on each monitor)

Here are some of the features currently available on Dual Monitor Taskbar:

Start Button (BETA)
Taskbar on the Second Monitor
Window Manager
Mirror Mode
Pinned Programs
Aero Support
Notification Area
George   2016-04-29 15:07
I too would like a clock on multiple monitors - in fact that seems like a key functionality for this software, no?

Meanwhile, thanks for the links, I'll go explore
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Clock on both taskbars

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