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Thomas Boehme   2007-03-16 01:03

when running Ultramon 2.7.1 on Windows Vista (Business as well as Ultimate), my Internet Explorer becomes very slow and laggy.

Starting IE7 takes about 10 secs, resizing the window ~ 5 sec.
For text to appear in form fields it also needs approx. 5 sec.

When stopping UltraMon, IE7 immediately speeds up again, taking about 1 sec to start and virtually no time for resizing or text to appear.

As I suspected some conflict with other tools, I have run EnumHooks (both as User and as Admin), but they did not return anything except Ultramon.

I also disabled all IE7 addons and performed a Reset in the Advanced settings of the Internet Options. Absolutely no change.

Is this a known problem? I do experience the same on two computers. Anybody else having the same problem?

Would be great to find a fix for this, as this makes it impossible for me to use UltraMon at the moment


Thomas Boehme
Christian Studer   2007-03-16 11:47
I'm not seeing this myself, on both 32-bit and 64-bit Vista.

Are you using any special settings for IE or UltraMon?

Christian Studer -
Thomas Boehme   2007-03-16 21:17

I am not using any special settings. This happens on two machines I have (32-bit) but I just checked a third machine (also 32-bit) and it does not happen there.

The strange thing is, that the software setup is pretty much the same on all three machines (I have to check for differences in detail).

Any hints/help on how to identify the source of the problem?

Thank you,
Christian Studer   2007-03-17 11:26
One thing you could check is if you have protected mode enabled in IE on some of the systems.

The option is under Tools > Internet Options > Security.

This should work fine as well, but it does interfere with hooks like the ones used by UltraMon.

Christian Studer -
Thomas Boehme   2007-03-17 21:55

turning off Protected Mode does not seem to make a difference here.

Actually, I just found out that this slowdown happens on all of my machines. Even the one I thought would be working ok. The slowdown on that machine is just not as bad as on the others. But when e.g. minimizing/maximizing the IE7 window, the difference can be clearly seen.

The machines were IE7 slows down considerably both have quite weak display adapters (GeForce Go 5200 or ATI X300), while the one where the slowdown is only very little has a ATI X850.

Is anybody else seen the same?

As it only seems to affect IE7 on my machines, is there any way to disable UltraMon hooking into IE7?

Christian Studer   2007-03-18 11:41
You would also need to disable the Smart Taskbar to have no hooks installed at all, the Smart Taskbar uses a hook to monitor window movement.

So far I also haven't seen this on a slower system with a Nvidia Quadro NVS 285 video card (with Aero enabled).

Christian Studer -
Thomas Boehme   2007-03-19 00:47

in order to find out what's causing the delays, I have run Process Monitor (

When NOT running UltraMon and just clicking into the IE7 search box, ProcMon produces about 15 events, which seems to be ok.

However, with nothing changed, except UltraMon started, clicking into the search box results in an unbelievable 86531 recorded events. It seems to query files and stuff all over the place.

However, I was not able to identify the reason for this huge amount of requests. I have sent a copy of the .csv logfile to your support mailing address. Maybe it will help identifying the problem.

Thank you very much,

Thomas Boehme
Joseph Leung   2007-07-13 12:50
I wonder if this problem has been fixed. this software makes the whole system (Vista Business) slows down so much that my IT support has to unistall it; but then it won't even uninstall properly. at the moment, i just have to put up with manual switching and wait for the proper version to be released.
Christian Studer   2007-07-14 08:19
Should be better in 3.0 Beta 1, but probably not completely fixed. This will only affect some systems though, usually you'll notice no slowdown with IE.

I'm going to look into this again for the next release.

What kind of problems did you have when uninstalling UltraMon?

Christian Studer -
Thomas Boehme   2007-07-30 18:59
Hi Christian,

I am still suffering from this problem so that UltraMon is not usable for me at the moment.

You say that the problem only affects certain systems. Do you have any indication, what systems are affected? Is it caused by specific configuration options or other software?

From the feedback in this forum, it seems like not many people have this problem, so I am very interested in finding out the reason why I get this massive slowdown of IE7

Thank you very much for all the efforts you are putting into UltraMon. It is greatly appreciated.

Thomas Boehme
Christian Studer   2007-07-31 06:22
I'm not sure yet, I've seen the issue with path scanning as well, but didn't get a noticeable slowdown due to this.

It's not something that should happen though, so I'm going to look into this again for the next release.

Christian Studer -
Timo   2007-08-04 06:34
Will this problem be fixed in the 2.x version?
Christian Studer   2007-08-04 10:23
At the moment I have no plans for an additional 2.x release.

Christian Studer -
Thomas Boehme   2007-12-19 23:40
I just wanted to confirm that this problem has been fixed for me with the 3.0 Beta 2.

Christian, thank you very much for your efforts!
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