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Judson Lathe   2007-08-07 07:47
Is there any way I can specify which monitor I want a specific program to open on. If I want Microsoft Word to start on my main screen, and then Microsoft Outlook to start on my second screen, is there any way to do this?

David DeRolph   2007-08-07 08:02
Most applications will start on whatever monitor they were last closed on. Can you not get any applications to behave this way? For example, try Notepad. Can you make it open on a specific monitor based on which monitor it was last closed on?
Judson Lathe   2007-08-07 08:07
Even if I close the program on my second monitor, it will re-open on my main. I could have sworn I saw a feature that did this.
David DeRolph   2007-08-07 08:38
I run two monitors and have no problem getting apps to open on a particular monitor by the method I explained. Now, not all apps will conform to this procedure. For example, MS Paint will not, but most apps will do it.

I have an AGP and PCI card installed, both with nVidia chips. Other than nVidia's nView Desktop Manager (installed with their driver), I have no other third-party video display software installed.

Sorry, I don't know what's causing your problem.
Casey   2007-09-09 15:43
Hey, in case you haven't figured it out . . .
Create a shortcut for the program. Edit the properties of the shortcut. There should be a 'UltraMon - Display' tab. From there you can choose which monitor to run the program on.
LORENA   2007-09-14 09:38
I have used the suggestion regarding the Ultramon display tab but it doesn't seem to work. For example, I set Word up to open on Monitor 1 and it does. However, if I move it to Monitor 2 while I'm working with it, close it and then open it again, it opens on Monitor 2 not back at Monitor 1 where I want it to open. Any more ideas?

John   2007-09-14 11:52
I am having this problem with Mozilla Firefox. I've told the UltraMon Window tab which monitor I want it to open in, but it obstinately refuses to do so. However, most of my other programs, including Word, open in the specified window. What can be making some programs difficult like this? John
jeffx   2007-10-31 00:59
I have the same problem, with Firefox only.
Christian Studer   2007-10-31 10:00
UltraMon should be able to position the first instance of Firefox, but any additional instances will open in a default location.

Unfortunately there is no fix for this.

Christian Studer -
Julio Babilonia   2009-10-28 05:03
Hi guys,

I am running four 24” Dell monitors and using UltraMon 3.0.7.

I’m trying to open multiple websites, one on each monitor and retain (remember) 4 maximized Firefox browsers on each, so every time I restart the PC this is automated upon startup.

Is there a way to create a vbs script for Firefox 3.5? I would need if to function like the IE6 MultiBrowser.vbs that is in your scripts page.


Julio B.
Christian Studer   2009-10-28 13:28
Does each Firefox window have a unique window caption? If yes, a custom script which positions the windows would be possible.

Christian Studer -
Julio Babilonia   2009-11-12 02:08
Sorry I took soo long to reply...Yes, the captions would be different.

Julio B.
Christian Studer   2009-11-12 11:28
I have now tested with Firefox, but couldn't get this working, the problem is that when the script tries to open the second website in a new Firefox instance, it gets opened in the first instance instead, and no new instance gets opened.

Christian Studer -
Brian   2011-09-29 03:16
Is there any browser that i can do this with? We would like to use your software to populate 16 screens, each with different browser windows.

Christian Studer   2011-09-29 10:27
You could do this with the MultiBrowser3 script and Internet Explorer, the script creates a fullscreen IE window on the specified monitors, each set to a specified website.

Christian Studer -
MyKEY   2012-06-07 05:15
So I agree there are some apps that you can configured to open on one screen by maximizing or right clicking and moving/sizing screen, then close and reopen. However, there are others that will only open on the main screen.

What I've done to resolve: set the monitor you prefer stubborn apps to open on, as monitor 1 and the your other monitor as 2, then change your monitor 2 to be the primary - so your desktop settings and start bar remain. Hope this helps.
John   2012-07-14 10:25
Why do I right click on my shortcuts, click on properties and not see the "ultra mon" tab so I can configure the program to open on a specific monitor?

John Burton
Christian Studer   2012-07-15 00:43
You can get this if UltraMon can't modify the shortcut, or if the application uses Windows Installer shortcuts (for example Office).

As a workaround you could create a new shortcut for the application via UltraMon menu > Shortcuts.

Christian Studer -
Christie   2014-01-02 21:22
I was having an issue with my IE browser at work, where the com focal point recently logged in and had to reset my entire profile [due to a printer issue of all things].

I discovered that my IE browser kept opening in the main window even when I closed it over in the second. (FF snapped over there, and there are no issues on that note.)

After looking through most of the posts here, it finally dawned on me to maximize the browser to the window (because I like to leave a gap at the bottom where the system tray would be—call me an oddball all you want!). Well, I maximized it, and shrunk it back to size, and now it opens over here like I want it to do.

I hope this tip helps someone else!

Reagan "Christie" Holmes
(No relation to California's ex-governor.)
Sam   2014-03-29 08:56
Running 3 monitors (#1 1920x1080, #2/#3 both 1024x768 [#2 primary])...About a week ago, started PC in morning and Adobe Reader will only open on smaller primary (used to open first instance on #1 and repeats on primary). Shortcut has Ultramon-Monitor tab and I can select/apply changes, but nothing changing. Also tried creating shortcut through Ultramon>Menu>Shortcuts as well as Last Position, Mouse location, #3 luck on anything yet. Only thing I can think of is system restore to before it went wonky. Any other options?
Christian Studer   2014-03-29 12:00
Do you have Adobe Reader maximized? If yes, un-maximize it, then move it to the other monitor and close it there. The next time it should then open on that monitor.

Christian Studer -
Sam   2014-04-01 14:42
That has not been working either. I un-maximize and drag every PDF to my larger monitor, then re-maximize to always opens on the smaller monitor the next time through.

Also just noticed the icons on the top bar for moving or maximizing across desktop is missing on all PDF's.
Christian Studer   2014-04-01 15:04
You need to close Adobe Reader before maximizing it again, otherwise the new position won't get stored.

To get the window buttons with Adobe Reader X and later, go to UltraMon Options > Compatibility, then configure settings for Adobe Reader and check the option 'use alternative method to add window buttons'.

Christian Studer -
Larry V   2014-04-23 05:31
I think it would be useful if UltraMon had some options to babysit some programs and move all related windows to a certain monitor.

For example: All Outlook Windows to Monitor 3, All Firefox Windows to Monitor 2, All Explorer Windows to Monitor 1.

If programs had to be set one by one and the window title screen had to be entered using a regular expression people could find some clever uses for this. Some might even want to get fancy and have parent windows in one screen and children windows in another.

Would also be useful to select whether you want the window always maximized. (I think trying to specify a size gets tricky so I'll take the always maximize option)

I found a small tool that tried to accomplish this but was kind of buggy, if I find the name again I'll post here.
Larry V   2014-04-23 05:44
Found something called WinSize2, I am trying to test it but it is at a pretty early stage. The author says that he was inspired by an older program from 10+ years ago names WinSize whose author lost the source code and stopped developing it.

If I find any other tools like this, I will update this thread.
Christian Studer   2014-04-23 13:27
Larry, I'll consider this for a future release. You could already do this via script, look for the PositionMultipleApps script. Let me know if you have any questions about setting this up.

Christian Studer -
steven   2015-02-19 01:08
All you need to do is open 'pdf' drag the window to the screen you want it, hold down the shift key and press the 'X" on the window at the same time. now overtime you open a pdf it will remember its position

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