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Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Ultramon v2.7.1.0 Causing iShadow to Exit
Martin   2007-09-12 03:31

Recently purchased Ultramon for use at work where I have a two monitor setup. Very useful in the most part. I stared out with the beta version however I encountered the RDP issue with the invisible screens appearing in my task bar which is mentioned elsewhere on these forums. Due to this (as I use a lot of RDP connections) I have gone back to the official stable release.

The issue with this release is again RDP related however. I use the iShadow desktop app as my RDP\ICA client and this works fine if I connect to any sessions that I have previously saved in my lists but when connecting to a server not in my lists (i.e. something I don't need to regularly connect to) iShadow just closes. The task manager shows the process just quitting. Without Ultramon running this is not an issue.

I am running Windows XP Pro SP2 with full windows updates on an IBM ThinkPad R60, 1gb RAM, T5500 1.66mhz Core 2 Duo Proc.

Any help would be appreciated.


Christian Studer   2007-09-12 10:06
I've been able to reproduce the issue, the problem is that iShadow Desktop is not compatible with so-called hooks used by UltraMon to add window buttons etc.

This issue is not specific to UltraMon though, you'll have the same problem with other applications which use the same type of hooks.

I would recommend contacting iShadow Support, tell them that the crash occurs if a WH_CALLWNDPROCRET hook is installed, even if the hook doesn't do anything and only calls the next hook.

There are a couple of other applications which have similar issues, for this reason the next 3.0 beta release will handle hooking differently, which should fix the problem assuming all hooks of the type which cause the problem can be removed.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Ultramon v2.7.1.0 Causing iShadow to Exit

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