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Arujei   2007-09-24 13:58
All videos played appear to be flipped. I can't seem to find any settings to fix this.
Christian Studer   2007-09-25 09:33
Please try the following: go to VideoSaver settings, then select the Options tab and check the 'use classic video renderer' option.

Christian Studer -
Arujei   2007-10-03 13:23
Now one screen is flipped and the other stays white a for a little bit then is right side up.
Christian Studer   2007-10-04 09:55
What video cards are you using, and which version of Windows?

Does this happen with all types of video files, for example AVI or WMV files?

Christian Studer -
Arujei   2007-10-04 14:47
It seems to happen to most avi's encoded in xvid and or is using ffdshow the wmvs that I do have don't play, I hear a little audio and it stops same goes for avi videos encoded in wmv9. Mpg files play correctly. I have some divx encoded videos that work fine.

AiW 9600 pro
windows XP sp2
Christian Studer   2007-10-05 08:12
Could you make one of the videos which has the problem available for download, or e-mail it to

If special codecs are needed to play the video, please let me know what you have installed.

My guess would be that this is a video card driver issue.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> VideoSaver -> Flipped Video

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