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Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Ultramon Hook crashes Visual Studio 2008
WesC   2007-10-22 10:09
When using Ultramon with Visual Studio 2008 (currently RC0 has this problem), I see a Watson dialog window when I'm using the Quick Find and Replace Window in VS.

It looks like it's happening on the main thread:
*** ERROR: Symbol file could not be found. Defaulted to export symbols for C:\Program Files\UltraMon\RTSUltraMonHookX32.dll -
07 0012e068 18818569 MSVCR80!_unDNameEx+0x8d0
08 0012e2d0 7d5116ba RTSUltraMonHookX32!RTSHookCall+0x1008b

Not sure what is going on here, but I'm using Windows XP (x64 w/ SP2) using Ultramon 2.7.1.

From the Ultramon Window:
2 monitors
Current desktop: 2960x1050 (-1280,0 - 1680,1050)

Monitor 1 - SyncMaster 225BW, SyncMaster CX223BW(Analog) (primary):
Settings: 1680x1050, 32-bit color, 60 Hz refresh rate
Coordinates: 0,0 - 1680,1050. Workspace: 0,0 - 1680,990
Video card: Radeon X1300/X1550 Series
Device: \\.\DISPLAY1\Monitor0

Monitor 2 - Plug and Play Monitor:
Settings: 1280x1024, 32-bit color, 60 Hz refresh rate
Coordinates: -1280,26 - 0,1050. Workspace: -1280,26 - 0,1020
Video card: Radeon X1300/X1550 Series Secondary
Device: \\.\DISPLAY2\Monitor0
Christian Studer   2007-10-23 09:37
Thanks for the bug report, I'll look into this for the next release (3.0 Beta 2).

Did you see this with VS 2008 Beta 2 as well? I only have access to this release at the moment.

Christian Studer -
WesC   2007-11-01 03:38
I didn't see it in Beta2 oddly enough. At first I thought it was a VS problem but when I looked at the thread stacks I saw an UltraMon hook and then the Watson stuff on top of that. I'm not exactly sure what the hook is for (as it has a tendency to be unstable to change) but I have seen weirder things (iTunes hooks a lot as well). I'll let you know if anything changes with future VS 2008 revisions.
Christian Studer   2007-11-01 10:59
Some types of hooks can cause problems for some applications just by being installed, even if the hook doesn't do anything.

I won't try to reproduce the issue myself as long as I don't have access to a release candidate, but my guess would be that this will be fixed in the second beta.

3.0 Beta 2 handles hooking differently, and several hook-related compatibility issues have been fixed (iShadow Desktop and Eclipse for example).

Christian Studer -
Peter   2007-11-29 04:09
It also happens with Visual Studio 2008 RTM release. When will Beta 2 be available?


Christian Studer   2007-11-29 10:18
See this thread for more on this issue.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Ultramon Hook crashes Visual Studio 2008

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