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Gary   2007-11-14 04:29
I'm running 4 monitors and have VideoSaver set on Desktop to display across all of them. Everything works fine except on the 4th monitor which displays it's vido upside down, the other three display correctly.

If I switch the display setting to Monitor everything displays fine.

I'm running Windows Vista (with the patch) on a NVIDIA Quadro NVS 440 graphics card.
Christian Studer   2007-11-14 08:53
Does this happen with all types of video files, for example AVI, MPEG or WMV?

Christian Studer -
Gary   2007-11-17 04:12
Yes, I tried it with mpg, avi, and wmv.
Christian Studer   2007-11-17 05:23
My guess would be that this is a display driver issue, you could try if checking the 'use classic video renderer' option under VideoSaver Options fixes the problem.

If that doesn't help, please post your display configuration here (monitor arrangement and settings). If you have UltraMon, you can get all the data via UltraMon menu > About.

Christian Studer -
LittleScooby   2009-09-09 17:21
I have this same exact issue running with Windows 7 and I have seen it with WMV movies.

I have tried the Use Classic Video Renderer option, however it does not help.

The problem occurs with 3 or 4 monitors.
Christian Studer   2009-09-10 07:45
Seems unlikely that this would be an issue with VideoSaver, works fine for me on a 3-monitor 64-bit Windows 7 system.

What's your display configuration (monitor layout, resolutions)?

Christian Studer -
LittleScooby   2009-09-10 16:10
3 monitors on a pair of ATI HD3870's with the latest ver 9.8 catalyst drivers.

Resolutions are all 1680x1050.
Movie format this happens the most with:

.WMV's created with Movavi video converter.
LittleScooby   2009-09-10 17:42
I have noticed that it is not only videos created with Movavi, but also other wmv's available for d/l on the net.

Here is an example of one that is flipped on my third display:

The one that flips for me is called The Living Sea (1080p).

It's an executable that you d/l and unpack. I then set size in VideoSaver to Full Screean and set to Desktop.

What's odd is that I know I have seen this video display perfectly fine on 3 displays before without flipping the 3rd display, although that was running different hardware so perhaps this issue that I and some others have seen, only occurs under certain hardware\software setups, including installed codecs and such. I know that when I had this particular video working correctly, it was on a system that had the MainConcept codec installed where as my current system does not. I may test that codec sometime soon because I am curious about this flipping anomoly.
Christian Studer   2009-09-11 13:40
I've now been able to reproduce the issue, only happens when stretching the video across the desktop. I've seen it with two different WMV videos, but not with an MPEG video.

I'm using Nvidia video cards, looks like this might be related to the codec. Let me know what happens when using the other codec.

Christian Studer -
LittleScooby   2009-09-15 13:31
You know I still can't tell. I swear codecs can be quite the cumbersome thing.

When I use Windows Video Decoder Checkup Util on an XP box, on the system that doesnt flip the video I think the primary codec is MainConcept MPEG Video Decoder The decoder filename is

On the flipped system running win7 it looks like the primary codec is Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder (msmpeg2vdec.dll 6.1.7075/0.

It's very confusing whatever they did with Win7. I also installed a Sharkoo7 something codec pack which was supposed to be the answer of all answers but instead made things worse on my Win7 side.

I also can't install the same version of MainConcept on my Win7 side because it came with a program (Adobe Premiere) which is only licensed for my XP side. It's an older version that won't run on Win7.

If there was someway I could get the Mainconcept codec off of that install disk, I could then test it on Win7.

Codecs sure are a pain. I started trying to research a while back which codecs work best with VideoSaver but the whole concept of codecs boggles the mind without decent testing software.

Just trying to determine which codec is used for what in Win7 confuses me.

I have noticed that for me at least, Win7 does not work as well with VideoSaver as it does with WinXP. I run into a lot more choppy playback under win7, but this could be due to the codec issue. If I can get Mainconcept on it, I might be ok. I tried d/ling the current Mainconcept codec from their site, but it doesn't work as well as the old version from an older version of Adobe Premire. Go figure.

I've heard that when it comes to video playback of HD files that you want to use a codec and pick a smaller bitrate. Does that sound right?

With the WMV's I've been trying on Win7 and videosaver, if the 3rd screen isn't flipped, all the screens start to unsynch so that you have 3 monitors trying to play the same video with it having delays on the various screens to the point it becomes unwatchable.

And I have a decent system:

Q6600 quadcore processor
Pair of HD3870's
WD Veleciraptor 150GB
OCZ Vertex SSD
4 GIGs main memory

You would think I wouldn't have any issues playing a video over 3 screens but I do.

There has to be a utility for finding bottlenecks like this. I've read a lot of people seem to think the hard drives start to cause slowdowns for video playback but my drives are pretty quick. Also doesn't help I am trying to display 4 different kinds of videos on VideoSaver. I have been trying to find the best codec\container to use with VideoSaver forever now but there are so many variables.

There has to be something better for codec management than the free Windows Video Decoder Checkup util I am using, because it is horrible.

What do you use to manage your codecs?
LittleScooby   2009-09-15 14:45
I should mention that besides DecCheck I've also used Codec Sniper in the past. Not sure if it works in Win7 or not. Was about to try it.
LittleScooby   2009-09-15 14:53
This is the sort of thing I always run into with codecs and I agree that they are the next DLL hell. Codec Hell:
Christian Studer   2009-09-16 08:14
I can't recommend a tool, I would also be interested if you find something useful.

I've done some further testing with a video stretched across all monitors, looks like an issue with the WMV codec on Vista and later.

On XP AVI, MPEG and WMV all work fine stretched across 3 monitors. On Vista and Windows 7, only AVI and MPEG work fine, with WMV the picture on the left-most monitor is flipped (the issue occurs with both 2 and 3 monitors enabled). This was on the same system, only with different operating systems.

Christian Studer -
LittleScooby   2009-09-17 12:46
Well, Vista and Win7 do seem to handle codecs quite a bit different than previous OS versions. It's quite a mess. Currently the project I am working on is to try and find a codec that gives me good performance for stretching videos accross multiple monitors in Win7 RC1.

Perhaps Win7 RTM is better, I dunno. I don't have it yet. In the past, I have had good luck with Mpeg2, but it doesnt seem to have the quality of Mpeg4.

If I could just find 1 good method for encoding videos for playback on a tripanel system (3 1280x1024 screens and Win7), I think I would be happy. So far nothing yet. I'm hoping to find something this weekend. Going to try some mpeg2 tests but I really want to use h264 but I still get confused between codecs, filters, containers, etc. I am finding that the Lagarith codec makes a great transitional codec for video editing however.

Do you think it is the codec on Vista\win7 that is doing the flipping of WMV's, or the way Videosaver interprets the codecs or something? How would you be able to tell for sure?
LittleScooby   2009-09-17 12:58
Oh, I did get Codec Sniper to run on Win7 but I also found this nice util called Sherlock:

It's the External Mirror#1 link.

You run it and it highlights your broken codecs in red and lets you see a bunch of info. It's 1 tiny executable. I like it so far.
LittleScooby   2009-09-17 16:10
I seem to be noticing a pattern of only the WMV's flipping as well. For now, I am staying away from WMV's and going with Mpeg4.
Christian Studer   2009-09-18 11:15
Difficult to say if this is simply a bug in the codec, or if a fix/workaround would be possible in VideoSaver by using different settings. It's certainly something I'm going to look into if I get around to putting out a VideoSaver update.

Thanks for the Sherlock link.

Christian Studer -
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