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Hans L   2007-11-30 12:01
I am using 3 beta, but this problem is older.

Quite often, when an app is minimized to the taskbar in Windows XP Home, and I click on it, it does not restore to the screen.

Mostly, if I right-click on the taskbar icon, and click "Restore', the app restores to the screen. However, with Skype, for instance, I first had to click another button (can't remember which one now, and can't reproduce) and then "Restore" before I could get it up on the screen.

Has anyone any suggestion about what the reason for this behavior might be? Thanks!

Hans L
Christian Studer   2007-12-01 08:26
I'm not sure what would cause this, also haven't seen this myself so far.

Do you have the same problem when clicking on a task button on the main taskbar, or only with the UltraMon taskbar(s)?

Christian Studer -
Axsuul   2008-09-03 19:22
Hi, I'm also having this problem except for winamp.
Mads Henriksen   2008-09-12 01:30
I have the same problem with my winamp.
It show on the taskbar but when I minimize and then try to restore it, nothing happens.. Well, in the taskbar it shows as it is restored but it doesnt show.
However, it does restore when I rightclick on winamp in the taskbar and click Restore.

Til is only the UltraMon taskbar. It works as intended on the windows taskbar.

I am running Windows Vista x64

I hope a fix to this will be released as I am a huge fan of this feature.
Thanks in advance
Mads Henriksen
Christian Studer   2008-09-12 07:37
Mads, I've been able to reproduce the issue with Winamp, will look into this for the next release.

Christian Studer -
Mads Henriksen   2008-09-17 01:25
Awesome. I wasnt expecting such fast reply :P
Can't wait for the next build.
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Restore from taskba does not always work

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