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Steve Barnes   2007-12-16 13:06
Using BETA 2 v3.

For some strange reason every now and then I get windows appearing in the taskbar on second monitor which have the "Show in TaskBar" set to False.

Eg: Running Visual Studio v2005 all the Propertis/Server Explorer etc windows are on my second monitor and with this issue they start to show in the taskbar.
Christian Studer   2007-12-17 05:29
So far I've only been able to reproduce this when enabling the nView Desktop Manager on XP, I'll do some more testing with this.

Christian Studer -
DaveL   2007-12-18 05:02
I have a similar issue with extra window entries appearing in the task bar of the second monitor.

I am using Visual Studio 2003 in WinXP. Apparently as I open up tabs/tools in the application, task bar entries start to pile up -- most are titled "Code Window." These entries do not move with the application if I move it to the primary display and they remain until the app is closed.

Note that I was previously trying out 3.0 RC1 and did not notice this problem... only with RC2.

(I am not running nView.)
DaveL   2007-12-18 05:04
[I'm sorry, by RC1/RC2, I mean BETA 1 / BETA 2] ;)
Isaac   2008-02-21 00:45
In release 3.0.1, I used to get a ton of "Floating Toolbar" tabs on the secondary display while running Firefox w/ the RoboForm toolbar. I'm crossing my fingers, hoping that this 3.0.2 release has fixed that issue.
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> TaskBar Window Icons (Show in TaskBar)

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