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brian l   2007-12-17 10:36
the only thing i've found a problem with so far in 3.0.1 is having my Trillian Astra contact list on the second monitor shows a taskbar button when none is shown on the main monitor & taskbar. i haven't yet tried any other windows that have 'show taskbar' set to false - as soon as i find one, i'll try it.

thanx for the update! i've been quietly impatient for quite a while... glad to finally have the window buttons back. now i just have to train myself to use them instead of right clicking and 'move to other monitor'... :)
Christian Studer   2007-12-18 02:39
I'll try to reproduce this once I have been accepted into the alpha test program.

Christian Studer -
brian l   2007-12-18 03:25
i just tried it with a simple c# winforms app with 'show in taskbar' set false, and it doesn't happen there... must be something funky that trillian is doing.
Nick   2008-01-20 15:21
This does appear to have fixed it.

It was an issue with Astra being docked, there should be no taskbar button, but Ultramon shows one.

I think you got it Christian.

Did you get into the Astra test yet? Let me know, as I can help make that happen if you didn't.
Christian Studer   2008-01-21 06:53
Not yet, but you don't need to bother if the issue is fixed. Thanks anyway for your offer.

Christian Studer -
Justin   2008-01-22 14:39
I assume this is part of a different bug in Trillian Astra, but when my primary monitor is on the left, and I have Astra docked on the left side of the right monitor, the mouse over fields go on to the primary monitor, not the monitor the window is on.
Further, if the window is docked to the right on the right side monitor, all of the mouse over windows pop up to the top of the screen where I can only see some of the text.

Long story short, the docking behaviour is completely messed up. After having it docked to the far right of the right monitor, I can no longer get it to dock at all on the primary monitor. (the left monitor). I will post this as a bug on trillian's side, as I think it is unlikely this is a bug with your software.

\ Happy Coding \
Christian Studer   2008-01-23 11:34
I agree, sounds like an issue with Trillian.

Christian Studer -
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