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Christian Studer   2008-01-15 02:20
UltraMon 3.0 Beta 2.1 has been released, this release fixes several issues that were discovered after the initial 3.0 Beta 2 release. See the release notes for details, download here.

Christian Studer -
jhuk   2008-01-15 05:40
Thank you very much, eager to try.

I need update Nvidia drivers to newest .28 beta cause .25 makes a black screen when I turn of my 2nd Screen (TV) and its same if I use the Nvidia CP to turn on and then off, dont happen all the time though.
jhuk   2008-01-15 12:55
Only ran it twice so far.

1st was fine with 2nd Screen enabled and then watched movie and then disabled.

2nd time was bad, as soon as I enabled 2nd monitor every item in my Sidebar apart from the clock went missing.
Steve Brereton   2008-01-15 20:57
Trying to install it, but hangs about 80% way through validating.
I'm need to reboot, so I'll try it again after
Patrick G.   2008-01-16 00:51
Did this release consolidate Internet Explorer icons on the taskbar when multiple instances are open? Is that new?
Christian Studer   2008-01-16 09:58
jhuk, so far I haven't been able to reproduce this issue, my guess would be that this isn't related to UltraMon. Please try if you have the same problem when disabling/enabling the secondary monitor via Display Properties.

Patrick G., UltraMon taskbars don't support task grouping, but it will still work fine on the main taskbar if enabled.

Christian Studer -
Gerard   2008-01-16 17:07
There appears to be a bug in UltraMon 3.0.2. The bug is present on Vista x86 and Vista x64.

The problem is that UltraMon Options dialog can be opened several times simultaneously (by double-clicking the taskbar icon or right-click->Options).

Opening the UltraMon Options dialog more than once, and then pressing OK in any dialog causes a crash in Ultramon.

Otherwise, a great product!
jhuk   2008-01-17 05:53
Christian, I have already stated I can use the Normal Nvidia Method and its fine (apart from back screen going by to primary which was bug in a beta driver).

Ther is plenty of peeps here reporting Ultramon messes up Vista with Ghost items on screen and in running processes in the Task Mananger

I have just now messed up my complete Sidebar with it, it added 4 new processes to the Task Mananger and made the SidBar tunr black which I closed but it closed the Sidebar also.

For now I cannot use this app even after paying for it as Demo ran out, I will need use the Nvidia method to turn on/off TV.

I hope someday it will work fully on Vista becuase more and more users are going to use it esp after SP1.
Christian Studer   2008-01-17 10:22
Gerard, thanks for the bug report, should be fixed in the next release.

jhuk, I can't reproduce this issue, works fine for me on Vista. If you find out anything else let me know and I'll look into it.

Christian Studer -
Matt S.   2008-01-22 19:27
Tray Icon isn't staying visible, it disappears. With the last release this wasnt a problem..
Christian Studer   2008-01-23 11:37
Matt, is UltraMon.exe still running when this happens? To check this open Task Manager and check if UltraMon.exe is listed under Processes.

Christian Studer -
Matt S.   2008-01-24 17:22
Yes both ultramon.exe and ultramontaskbar.exe are both running.
Skier   2008-01-24 17:36
Using Windows Vista Ultimate 64 I've started noticing that System tray icons are missing on boot up but th eprocesses are running. This was a problem in Windows XP though until recently not in Vista. I suspect, but can't confirm, that a Windows Update patch has reintroduced this problem.


Christian Studer   2008-01-25 12:20
If the icon isn't just hidden, my guess would also be that this is a Windows issue or something else. There were no changes in tray icon handling in the last couple of releases.

Christian Studer -
Matt S.   2008-01-28 08:51
I guess it was only a two time thing. On every boot its there now. So no big deal
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